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Auto Air Conditioning System How It Works

Auto Air Conditioning System  How It Works

The version of the air conditioning system used for automobiles like car

, buses etc are referred to as auto air conditioners.

It is now common place for all new vehicles. Many people prefer traveling in cars than on bikes because it is more comfortable. Technology has advanced far enough to enable small air conditioners to be able to fit inside a car.

The three obligatory components are the compressor, the evaporator and condenser.

Working synchronously together, they can produce cool air by using a gas that is easily capable of being transformed from liquid to gas and vice versa, to suck warmer air from inside the vehicle and substitute it with moist or cool air.

A small collection of water droplets may be noticed underneath as a result of evaporation process but this is quite natural and no need to panic.

Usually an auto air conditioning system will survive till the lifetime of the vehicle but occasionally it may require service.

Repairing costs for auto air conditioning system can cost as heavily as in the case of home air conditioners. It is better if well-trained mechanic attends on the system and layman shouldnt meddle with it.

Gas Collection Requires Special Training And Equipment

Since the government determined that Freon, the gas commonly used in auto air conditioning systems is hazardous to the environment, it was made mandatory in a few countries for the technicians working on auto air conditioning units to be certified to work with Freon gas.

Cars made after 2010 are expected to auto air conditioning systems equipped with Puron, an ozone-friendly gas, and by 2020 all AC cars on the road would be running only with the above gas.

Freon gas used in an auto air conditioning also contains special oil to help keep the compressor lubricated and the most common problem is a loose or broken compressor belt. This can be checked visually by car owner by himself.

A few offerings to check your system for a small price often leads to expensive unneeded repairs.

So don't be gullible enough to invite such unnecessary overheads.

by: Rick Lee
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