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Attraction Marketing Vs Traditional Mlm Prospecting: There Is A Better Way

Attraction Marketing Vs Traditional Mlm Prospecting: There Is A Better Way

There are two groups or strategies in the network marketing community: Traditional MLM prospecting and the newer, Attraction Marketing model

. I shall reveal a third model which is a hybrid form combining elements of each, as both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Traditional MLM marketing (for when you are new to the business) involves first contacting your warm market list. Everyone you know: family and friends. When that sphere of influence is stale, you start developing new contacts and prospects by going out of your box, or comfort zone and talking to "strangers".

At this point, many new to the business often fail because of the amount of rejection. Failure is also caused by their lack of training, support and inner drive.

Many a successful network marketer can recall doing their first year "completely wrong". The key is that they didn't quit. They were persistent and wanted to succeed enough to hang in there and find out a better way.

Developing multiple lead sources is important, as you can only network so much in your local circles. Using the internet can expand your lead source tremendously.

Direct marketing is talking to people who are (presumably) interested in starting their own business, making residual income, etc. so that you can contact them and perhaps they would find your opportunity a good fit for their particular needs.

Talking to total strangers and pitching your product or business opportunity without "qualifying" them is a waste of time. New marketers are often so excited about their new venture; they vomit on their prospects and chase them away.

They are not schooled in the proper manner to approach a "cold lead". Hence, a certain group of people decided that there was a better way than "chasing" prospects, and hence the Attraction Marketing model took hold in the network marketing community.

Attraction Marketing is the concept of your prospects contacting you rather than you contacting them first. However, you must make yourself know to them so they know you exist; otherwise they will not just magically come to you.

You do this by giving your targeted prospects useful and valuable information and position yourself as an expert and a leader in your field without pitching your primary MLM opportunity.

In order for this concept to be successful however, you must target prospects that are already looking for an opportunity or other network marketers who may not be having much success and are looking for a leader who can help them.

This is not that different than traditional forms of network marketing where you would give a free seminar to a group of people in a meeting room. You would conduct a informational talk that gave them tips and free advice in a particular subject. Something valuable that would compel them to attend. You would not overtly then pitch your services or try to sell them on the spot during the seminar.

Your objective is to give them valuable information and make yourself known to them. Repeating this process, you will establish yourself as an expert and be the "go to guy" in your field.

So "Attraction Marketing" is really nothing new. What's different about it for the MLM community is it puts the opportunity and product to a later stage in the sales process. Most MLM types are too impatient to allow this process to develop and they end up vomiting on their prospects and end up unsuccessful.

Its important not to be so desperate to get new prospects into your downline that you are sabotaging your efforts and getting too aggressive or pushy.

Common ground between the Old School and New School forms of marketing

What people tend to forget, is that what makes a prospect become a team member is that at some point along their decision making process, they found you likeable. Any sales process where the buyer and the salesman interact must create this secret ingredient. Whether its through the repoir you develop with your prospect, or just from your natural personality, there must be this chemistry that in the buyer' mind, says, "I like this person". They have some form of connection. It may be simply that they like you or your personality, someone kind you said, or that you both grew up in the same side of the tracks.

Now why do some people say that its not the product, its YOU that persuades people to join your business? Because its true. If you meet a new prospect and don't give them time to get to see an authentic part of yourself upon which they can form a connection, but rather pitch the product as if you are just a robot spewing out "company speak", they have no opportunity to develop the likeability factor. You have prevented this from happening because of your ignorance or impatience or both.

There is a hybrid form of marketing that combines both being upfront with our product/opportunity and the true interests of your prospects. There is no catchy name for it because it depends on matching the product with the prospect.

Tactic #1:Target people who are already interested in a "business opportunity" but who are unsure about which company to get involved with. For example, put yourself out there as an expert in selecting a market that people can get behind. Their perspective is they want to make a choice that makes sense to them from a business perspective.

You then talk from a strategic marketing opportunity perspective. Show them the big picture, and persuade them that the opportunity you are currently involved with is what they are looking for. Present the facts; address their inner core motivation for wanting to make this choice and allow them to ask you if they can join YOU.

Tactic #2: Target people who already are within the product niche and present them with the business opportunity. For example, there is a huge market in the health and wellness industries including weight loss, looking good, etc. Why not approach people who are already selling such products and bring up the idea of having their own business? They are already convinced of the market and how important it is that everyone addresses their needs for good health and wellbeing. Suggest they make it their own business venture, whether its part time to start or jump in full time and make money by being involved with products that already are in alignment with their values.

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Attraction Marketing Vs Traditional Mlm Prospecting: There Is A Better Way