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Asme Welder Certification Is The Gateway To Welder Career

Job of the welder is not the easiest one to perform and it requires high levels of skill and dedication on the part of the performer

. At the same time an effective certification is essential for employment purposes. While there are different certification authorities, ASME welding certification is offered by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that is globally accepted one.

Welding Certification Basics

Some of the main features of welding certification offered by the accredited certification authorities are

All of them have some specified codes for certification

Each of the certification has some tests like the penetrant testing involved

Aspirant candidate must master the procedures involved and

Passing the required tests that could be 92 or even more, one could become a certified welder.

Importance of Practical Skill

While obtaining welding certification will mean that the person concerned is trained in welding, it does not necessarily mean that he or she would be expert in the trade. It may also be the case that in course of the training the candidate has only gone by welding plate after plate and is completely at bay when confronted with other types of welding at the workplace. One has to realize that welding in a school booth is not the same as standing on a two feet wide beam and twenty floors up in air with gushing wind striking with full force at the welder.

Certification Helps

However it goes without saying that certification and that too from a recognized authority always has value and the employer will always seek for a certificate from the employee to be engaged, especially when it comes to technical works. So when the candidate produces the ASME Welder certification documents, a gateway is opened for him or her to try luck with the employers. Performance, at the end of it will of course be vital, but a certification gets the opening for the candidate.

Testing for Certification

As already said testing will have to be passed by the candidates for getting the welding certification. It includes penetrant testing that is used for locating the discontinuities on the surfaces of the metal. Penetrating dye is used that enters into the discontinuances on the surface making them visible.

All said and done welding certification is still essential for anyone looking to build up a welders career.

by: Robert
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