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Affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals for Groups by:Mark Whichard

Affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals for Groups by:Mark Whichard

Most people do not consider trying to find affordable Orlando vacation rentals when

they holiday in groups in Orlando for Disney World, the golf or whatever other reason. Generally, they will look at hotel prices and many will have to discount Orlando for this year's vacation because these prices are too expensive for them.

This is quite understandable, but there are other viable alternatives to hotels which provide even more luxurious accommodation at a fraction of the price depending upon how many are in your party. If there is only one or perhaps even two of you then probably a hotel would be the cheaper option, but if you are vacationing with a group of people, such as a large family group, a bunch of golfing buddies or any other group of people who want to stay together, then Orlando vacation rentals are by far the better option. And here is why.

The reason why it is possible for those with a relatively small budget to spend seven days or more in Orlando, even within 15 minutes of Disney World, is that there are many vacation rentals in Orlando that can sleep sufficient people to render them an extremely attractive option financially when compared to hotel accommodation prices.

Consider this situation. You have the option of a hotel in Orlando at a low price, according to an internet search recently carried out, of around $110 per night for a couple. This is a reasonable price, but fairly expensive if you have children that will likely want their own rooms (and what couple of young teenagers would want to share a room with their parents), and also several relatives or buddies with whom you are sharing your holiday in Orlando.Affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals for Groups by:Mark Whichard

Let's say there are 10 of you. Given the prices above you would be paying $550 for your party. An affordable Orlando vacation rental villa would cost around $300-$320 per day for all of you. Compare that to the $550 of the hotel. Not only that, but compare the services provided in such Orlando vacation rental villas with those offered in your hotel.

Sure, your villa does not offer the restaurant that the hotel would, but it does offer a fully equipped kitchen that you can use to rustle up food at any time without worrying whether the hotel kitchen is open or not, and of course you can eat out as you would have to do with a hotel in any case - or use their expensive restaurant. With a group of people it will save you a lot of money if you had the facility to cook many off your own meals, particularly breakfasts and lunches, and for the rest there are lots of attractive restaurants and fast food outlets that will save you money over expensive hotel restaurants.

Not only that, but your Orlando vacation rental villa provides you with, at a small extra cost for the entire party, your own pool and Jacuzzi or spa. In a hotel you would have to share that with the rest of the guests.

There is affordable Orlando vacation rental accommodation available that sleeps up to 12 for only $310, or for double that you can have a luxury accommodation that sleeps 16 with a 55 inch home cinema system and TVs and DVD players in every room. $620 might sound a lot, but for an Orlando vacation villa that sleeps 16, it is only $40 a person!

Another advantage that such vacation rental in Orlando offers you it is a games room including pool table, table hockey and even a fitness room. Some of this vacation accommodation in Orlando is situated within holiday complexes, offering such extras as entertainment, sports facilities (tennis, squash, golf etc.), stores, restaurants, bars and entertainment for your children. The value for money is unbelievable when compared to hotel prices and facilities.

There are no doubts whatsoever that such accommodation in Orlando, or any other vacation resort, can beat hotel rooms anytime. Not only for cost but also all for the facilities offered and the convenience of what is virtually your own home. No need to order expensive late-night room service - simply bring in your McDonald's or chili dog and a few beers that you purchased from the store nearby. Avoid these expensive hotel prices and have a great time.Affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals for Groups by:Mark Whichard

Affordable Orlando vacation rentals for groups of people can easily be found, and is significantly less expensive than paying for a number of hotel rooms. Not only that, but these hotel rooms will not offer you 50 inch screen entertainment centers, Bose audio systems, your personal pool and spa, full cooking facilities, Xbox or PlayStation games facilities, pool, table hockey, and many other facilities that make your vacation something special that you will remember for many years to come, and that no hotel accommodation could provide...

Which would you prefer?

About the author

Mark Whichard is an Orlando tourism expert and writes frequently about attractions in and around Orlando. He is the proprietor of Quality Villa Rentals and you can get great deals on Orlando Vacation Homes at this website
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