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Adult Breast Feeding - Unusual But Quite Common

I was asked once by a friend about what I know about adult breast feeding - and I was caught unawares

. I thought to myself, 'I have read about a lot of things in my 40 years of life - how come I have never really heard about it before'? My curiosity taking the lead, I looked around and found a number of interesting facts about why adults breast feed, which I would like to share with you through this article.

Is It A Sexual Perversion?

On checking out on the Net, the first results pointed at adult breast feeding being a sexual fetish or perversion called "paraphillia or pleasure derived from lactation". This is in no way harmful to either of the consenting sexual partners; hence there is nothing to really worry on this matter.

It seems that in women, it can stem from the fact that the breasts get engorged with milk and women do derive pleasure from the suckling of the infant, though this pleasure is not sexual. The same pleasure turns sexual when the partner expresses pleasure and contentment in suckling lactating breasts. I have read that in some instances, the woman provided "milk at breakfast" for her man for 12 long years without any break, literally feeding a full grown adult with breast milk.

Adult Breast Feeding And Orgasm

Many women express great pleasure when their partner suckles their breasts - particularly play with their nipples. The fact that their partner is "fed" with their milk sometimes becomes very exciting for both the sexual partners. Many women agree that they orgasm very easily following breast feeding their partners. Once they find they enjoy it so much, women themselves encourage the men's dependency on this habit.

This habit is indeed not, in any way harmful, unless it is forced upon a girl (minor or major) or woman against their will. Hence, adult breast-feeding can be treated as an abnormal sexual deviation triggered by some time of past stress or too much closeness to mother.

This type of sexual act brings about feelings of deep intimacy and contentment. What could be termed as the most sacred thing for mother and infant is here transferred to sexual fulfillment. This is fine, as long as pursuing pleasure on higher planes will not go against the well being of either man or woman involved in the exercise.

by: Eddie Lamb
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Adult Breast Feeding - Unusual But Quite Common Pombia