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Adoption And Foster Care - Understanding The Real Meaning Of Life

Adoption And Foster Care - Understanding The Real Meaning Of Life

In recent years, the increase in the percentage of adoptive single parents has increased

the rate at which homeless and parent-less children have been given their own homes to live in and their own parent(s) to see to their over-all development into adulthood. For a long time in the past, single parents have been barred by law from adopting children. Today, however, the relationship between a single parent and her adopted child is seen as having positive benefits for both.

The Parent's Desire To Spread Love Through Adoption And Foster Care

Many unmarried professionals have reached a more than satisfactory level of material security in life and wish to share their goods with less privileged people. As everyone should be aware of, Material possessions do not hold the secret to living a happy life.

Even if single people have their nephews and nieces, these children can never be considered as being their own. Single people can ask relatives to visit them once in a while, maybe stay over for a day or two and even run errands occasionally. But the children will not establish the same bonds with them as an adopted child would.

Ever since the law allowed single parents to take in children from foster homes, they no longer have to content themselves with knowing something about being a parent. They have every right now have their own children for whom they will be honored to take responsibility and whose welfare they can use every means in their power to promote and safeguard. Helping the child to grow to be a responsible member of society is an action that blesses both parent and child. In addition, they won't have to worry who gets to inherit their possessions when the time comes for that.

Giving A Child What It Lacks Through Adoption And Foster Care

Children adopted by single parents more often have a better chance of improving themselves. They will not feel inferior or inhibited in the presence of the real siblings of the family. The chance that sibling aggression may develop are also absent. The single parent herself will experience the joy of sharing what she has in abundance with people who have little without patronizing them as one might a casual passer-by. This is a very important factor in fulfilling one's character.

Adoption And Foster Care Is Critical To The World

When single people adopt their own children, they are actually doing society a big favor. For one, they stand to broaden their perspective on life and in that way improve their own personalities. There are things that interacting as a parent can teach that cannot be learned from books. People living alone tend to lack the ability of empathizing and adjusting to others. Adoption is one good way of developing the habits that are contributed to social interaction.

On the child's part, knowing himself to be special to his parent can possibly give his own morale a boost. Life in a foster home can stifle the potentials of a child. Living with a single parent can have the exact opposite effect of enhancing the self-confidence of a child.

If you are a single parent who is sure that you want to have children, why not approach an adoption and foster care agency today?

by: Colby Brister.
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Adoption And Foster Care - Understanding The Real Meaning Of Life