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About AARP life insurance

About AARP life insurance

AARP life insurance was founded by Dr Ethel Percy Andrus in 1947 as the National Retired Teachers Association

. It was intended to be a means for California's retiring teachers to obtain life insurance. The NRTA expanded rapidly across the nation and by 1958 became the American Association of Retired Persons. AARP functions as a non partisan group that advocates for its members. Members do not have to be retired to join. AARP lobbies loca l and federal governments and also offers discounts on AARP life insurance.

Obtaining life insurance for senior citizens and retired employees can be very difficult or expensive or both. The AARP has been advocating negotiating discounts for its members in AARP life insurance for almost six decades. Now New York Life has partnered with the AARP to bring members a weide range of AARP life insurance policies and products.

The AARP life insurance policies given by New York Life aren't fundamentally that much different from any other life insurance policies. Policy values are always regulated strictly between the two thousand five hundred dollar mark and the fifty thousand dollar mark. Those who are AARP members do not have to undergo the physical examination that is necessary to obtain the policy normally. The physical is the greatest hurdles and elderly person has to take on because it is rarely that grandfathers are in peak physical fitness.

AARP life insurance Whole life insurance policies are given that name for a specific reason. That is because these policies are meant to last for the entirety of the policy holder's lifetime. The policy holders for AARP life insurance whole life insurance policies pay premiums until the terms of the policy have been obtained. At that time any monies that apply to the policy are used to extend the value of the policy. You also earn interest on the principle and are considered an asset much like a bnak account. It is even possible for the holder of the whole life AARP life insurance policy to put the policy up as collateral to obtain a loan.

AARP life insurance term life insurance policies differ from the AARP life insurance Whole life insurance policy because the policy is in effect for a predetermined amount of time. This is usually twenty years for an AARP life insurance term life insurance policy. The premiums pay to maintain an AARP life insurance term life insurance policy is far less than the payments for an AARP life insurance whole life insurance policy. There is a reason for this. The AARP life insurance term life insurance policy is not a value adding asset and it's not possible to put it up as collateral and it does not gain any interest. The only value taken from an AARP life insurance term life insurance policy is upon the death or disability of the policy holder.

About AARP life insurance

By: Logan Norris
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