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A Look At Internet Marketing History by:Chris Goulart

A Look At Internet Marketing History by:Chris Goulart

Internet marketing, or search engine optimization is the process for improving the traffic going to your domain by optimizing and promoting your site

. The Search Engines give websites in their results through algorithmic process. Proper optimization ensures that a particular website comes at the top rankings for a particular search that was done.

Search engine optimization should work for all Search engines and you shouldn't have to target any one in particular. The basic process of optimization a particular site involves editing the web content & the HTML coding. You can improve the relevance by placing specific keywords in key places of your websites. For additional ideas on how to do this, you can visit these free internet marketing resources.

Search engine optimization should also work on the niche areas of the search engines, like the Local Search Engine, Image Search Engine & any Industry oriented search engines. The companies doing internet marketing for this work are called SEO Consultants or Search Engine Optimizers. They are charged withgiven the responsibility by the clients to optimize their web site in the leading search engines. The search consultants need to have a broader idea of the market in which client business is related & also knowledge of the HTML coding & Design. Then they are able to incorporate various tactics when optimizing the site.

The history of SEOstarted in those days, the only thing you needed to do was to submit the URL or page to the engines to get the spiders to visit those pages and extract relevant links that will be displayed in the results. With the increasing number of domains & greater competition to get the maximum traffic, the internet marketing field has grown into a huge industry.

Early on, the Search engines would rely on the sites Meta tags. The Meta tags used to be a like guide to the content of of each page. But it was found that lot of incomplete or incorrect data was used in the Meta tag giving a wrong presentation about the site in order to capture the desired traffic. The search engines caught on to the manipulation to get higher rankings. It was seen that the search engines faced major abuse through the practice. Looking at this, Search Engines created complex formulas to stop the manipulation.

With the entry of the Worlds leading search engine Google, things have changed a lot since then as it has put together a impressive number of loyal internet users. Google used the concept of Page Rank for preventing any funny business. Lot of algorithms were introduced to rank the pages. Today the good SEO consultant uses a wide variety of SEO techniques like link exchanges, proper keyword research, Image optimization, headings, original and compelling content to increase the traffic. You can visit us for additional resources on the internet.

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