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A Kids Karaoke Machine Can Make A Father Cry

A Kids Karaoke Machine Can Make A Father Cry

A Kids Karaoke Machine Can Make A Father Cry

The title is a little misleading. Not only am I going to cry, I already am, and have been for the last 24 hours. About a year ago, my wife and I ordered a kids karaoke machine for our wonderful daughter. Our little girl is 12 years old, and is just about to graduate from elementary school.

Our daughter means everything to me and my wife. We spend night and day thinking about the moments we've spent with her, and I never miss an opportunity to say how wonderful she is. Well, here's another chance for me, a proud parent, to brag to fellow parents out there.

Earlier this year, the elementary school that my daughter attends decided to put together a play for the public. The play of choice was Grease, which is a musical that requires a cast of talented singers. Of course, the majority of the audience was parents of the participants, and friends from school. There are about 2000 children that are enrolled in my daughter's school, and needless to say, many kids wanted a crack at being apart of the performance. A Kids Karaoke Machine Can Make A Father Cry

A year ago my daughter wouldn't know the difference between a falsetto and a harmony. She always showed some interest in singing, but never took it to seriously. I mean, she would occasionally sing along to the radio, or belt out some lyrics in the shower. But what child doesn't goof around with singing every once in awhile.

My daughter was scared though; she would NEVER sing in front of another living soul. The only time I ever heard her sing was when she thought I wasn't listening. Very typical of many gifted little ones out there. I remember hearing her sing for the first time, and thinking wow, my girl has got 'it.'

I convinced my wife to order a kids karaoke machine from our local Walmart. At first, my daughter was reluctant to even use it all. My wife questioned me, and gave me the 'what were you thinking look?' I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :PA Kids Karaoke Machine Can Make A Father Cry

A week later, I was asleep in my bedroom when I heard a noise coming from our basement. I curiously snuck downstairs to see what the heck was going on. And there was my daughter, singing along to 'Mrs Robinson,' one of my all time favourite songs. The song brought a tear to my eye. When my daughter saw me on the stairway, she was initially embarrassed. My daughter said "I'm really sorry I woke you up, there's auditions for the school play in a week and I want to get a good part." I happily replied that 'you sound great, and keep me up any night of the week' (a promise that I know cringe at). My daughter had a big smile on her face, and put on another song.

The next week, me and my daughter continued to play around with karaoke. A little effort was put on improving her singing, but most of the time, we just had fun. Without a doubt, this kids karaoke machine helped her find her voice. As I'm writing this, I am struggling to hold back the tears.

My daughter came back from the school auditions with a smile from ear to ear. "How'd it go" I asked. "I did ok" she replied. My daughter has always been a very modest type. Well apparently the director thought she 'did ok,' because my daughter received the part for Sandy. The female lead for Grease. I am convinced that the kids karaoke machine was the difference that landed my daughter the leading female role.

The play ended two months ago, and my daughter's self esteem is through the roof. Her grades are at the top of the class, and she is friends with just about every child at the school. Which is shocking because she used to be shy like her father. The confidence she gained from karaoke has made all the difference in the world. Getting my little girl into karaoke is the best decision I've ever made in my life.
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