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Why Internet Coupons Are a Great Idea?

Why Internet Coupons Are a Great Idea?

Author: Guna Seelan

Author: Guna Seelan

Any site that you open these days on the Internet is sure to give ads about shopping items and coupons related to a particular brand of products. Internet coupons are technical versions of shopping coupons. The discounts are shopper savings of 25% to 30% on online products, which is used to generate greater revenue and sales volumes. According to a survey, almost 40% of online shoppers in the U.S. use Internet coupons.

Internet coupons are also valuable when used as a market research tool as it helps the manufacturers to track how popular each item or shopping program is with online shoppers, showing the trend of the online market. Thus, manufacturers and retailers are also getting interested in the different strategies of using the Internet coupons for market research.

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a scrap of paper or a code that will electronically help you exchange it for a discount on the service or the product advertised.

Why coupons are made available?

Coupon marketing is used for many purposes. The main part is that it helps marketers track the demand for their range of products in any part of the world market and the special goods that are popular according to a particular region. For e.g., the sale of coupons help in identifying the stores in South Carolina which sell more butter than the stores in New Mexico. This information helps in advertising your products in South Carolina extensively.

It also helps build customer loyalty towards a product and steers them towards a particular brand of a product, because discount coupons help in getting a lesser price. Suppose, a customer gets a discount coupon of a particular brand of jelly. The customer will take that coupon when they will go shopping to save money but for the manufacturer, it ensures that the customer will not buy any other brand of jelly. The manufacturer will also get valuable market data.

Coupons are also used to increase the client base and get more work. For e.g., if you charge 100 dollars for cleaning cars, then you can offer a coupon to state that you will clean two cars for the same price. It might sound like a loss of business but you will be able to track the deal and get to know more prospective customers who will come to you as they have been recommended by your old customers. Every marketer these days needs customer contact information. You can send them mails every month to remind them of the car wash needed, thus ensuring that you will have repeat customers.

To a retailer, a coupon distribution is not a one-time benefit which causes him loss but it is seen as a reduced price sale which increases customer base and loyalty to a particular brand, building future business opportunities and thus acting as promotional offers for the growth of your business. Target your online coupons on the right sites so that you can reach the correct customer base and thus profit as well as provide a fair price to the online shopper, who will keep coming back to your site for more offers!About the Author:

The Author manages several successful e-commerce stores and B2b Portals. He works for an Internet marketing company which offers coupon distribution service to their clients.
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