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Virginia Beach Dentist Pediatric Dentistry Practices that you should know about

Every parent's eyes light up when they see the smile on their infant baby's face

. Even as they grow up, they continue to engage parent's attention and love all the time. Researchers have found that before children reach the age of five years, over fifty percent of them succumb to dental infections and problems. Secondly it is also evident that in most cases insurance does not cover dental treatment, which makes it a very expensive proposition. It has been discovered that the highest number of dental problems are faced by children in poor and minority communities. Dental problems should be detected very early during infancy itself and treatment provided for every person needs his teeth in good condition to last over sixty years.

Parents are responsible to maintain the oral hygiene of the infants and also teach the children as they grow up and inculcate habits of keeping their mouth and teeth clean.

The following guidelines are provided to help parents implement the same with their children.

A. When your child celebrates the first birthday would be the ideal time to visit the dentist.

For, babies start getting their first tooth around this time. The dentist will be able to do a thorough checkup of the baby and give you preventive care instructions to avoid bacterial infections that can result out of nursing and using milk bottles.

B. After a few days of birth the baby's gums can be cleaned.

Using water and a soft piece of cloth or special infant brush, you can start cleaning the gums. As the baby starts growing teeth, you can start brushing them twice a day with just a touch of tooth paste.

C. Does Thumb and Finger sucking affect the child's teeth?

This is a natural habit among infants and is normal up to the age of two to two and half years. If the habit persists beyond three years, then there are chances that the teeth, which appear, might become crooked. In such cases discuss with your dentist and follow suitable advice.

D. Children and Toothache

If your child starts crying complaining of tooth ache, first things you can do is to rinse the mouth and apply an ice pack to numb the pain and reduce the swelling. Schedule an appointment with your Dentist and over the phone he will be able to advise you on a suitable pain killer to be given to the child so that the pain subsides till he gets to the clinic.

E. Avoiding Dental injuries

Children often get injured while playing and most of the injuries include injury to head, face, jaws and teeth too. If the child has milk teeth and suffers a tooth injury, in time he will be able to get permanent tooth. There is cause for worry if the permanent teeth are damaged.

Therefore it is important that you ensure your children wear protective gear and safety accessories like helmets, dental guards while playing sports games. Even while driving with your children, make sure they have the safety seat belts on at all times and avoid any mishaps and injuries to the face.

Virginia Beach Dentist Pediatric Dentistry Practices that you should know about

By: Reid Sosa
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Virginia Beach Dentist Pediatric Dentistry Practices that you should know about