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What Could Your Cosmetic Dentist Do To Make You Smile?

If you are thinking about visiting a cosmetic dentist

, London certainly has a great deal to offer, with one of the most popular treatments currently being teeth whitening. London dentists have been busy advertising teeth whitening across the city for some time, with posters and adverts showing people smiling at anyone who happens to pass nearby, showing off a set of teeth that are whiter than the paper they are printed on.

So when it comes to finding a cosmetic dentist, London, all you have to do is follow the teeth. But don't let that fool you into thinking that teeth whitening is all there is to it. If you've recently looked in the mirror and realised that your teeth are not so much white as cream or even beige then you may well have considered teeth whitening to be the process most suitable for you and your fangs. But the truth is that not only is there a great deal more available from any cosmetic dentist London as to offer, but in some cases simply whitening your teeth is not necessarily going to make the difference that you hope it will.

There are so many more treatments available today that are able to make significantly more difference. If you haven't ever visited a cosmetic dentist before, or had any cosmetic treatment done to your teeth then it's easy to assume, based on all those photographs, posters and advertisements, that teeth whitening is the be all and end all as far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned. It isn't. Far from it.

In fact whitening treatments represent only a small fraction of what a cosmetic dentist London can offer to help improve your smile, and boost your confidence. If you have one or two odd teeth which are a darker shade than the rest of your teeth then whitening them is unlikely to make much difference. In fact you may even find that the odd dark ones that you have actually stand out more prominently than they did before.

Very thin veneers can be manufactured to cover-up the front part of such teeth, making an instant difference in a fraction of the time which teeth whitening takes. If you have older fillings or crowns then the chances are that these will be grey or silver in colour, and if you have whitening treatment applied to your teeth, this clearly won't make any difference to your grey or silver fillings other than to make them stand out even more clearly than before.

A preferable treatment would be to have those older crowns and fillings replaced with new invisible crowns and fillings. Veneers and invisible fillings are just two ways in which a cosmetic dentist London can make a real difference to your smile, and often make more of a difference that teeth whitening alone.

by: Justin Arnold
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What Could Your Cosmetic Dentist Do To Make You Smile?