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True Way to Make Money Online

True Way to Make Money Online

True Way to Make Money Online

Before we delve into the discussion, we need to define success. First, it is my personal conviction that success is not something you achieve, but it is something you maintain. Also success is not measured and cannot be measured by how much money you have. Success can be measured by goals.

If your goal was to become a super affiliate marketer and you have achieved that, you are successful. If your goal was to become garbage collector and you have achieved that, you are successful. If your goal was to become a carpenter and you have achieved that, you are successful. Success is measured by the desired goals that you have achieved.

Therefore, we can say that in order to be successful, setting a goal is a prerequisite. Otherwise, you won't be able to measure whether you are successful or not. So while preparing for e-commerce success, you need to define your goals.

Goals are what make people successful. I was listening once to Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret. There was a very good example of the importance of goals mentioned in this audio and I like to use it here. Imagine that there is a ship. The ship is going to one specific point. It is well-nigh impossible not to get to that point. The ship will get to that point for sure. Now imagine another ship that has no destination. Where would it go? It would wander in the sea until it reaches a deserted island or sink.

What differentiates the two ships? It is the destination. It is the goal. The goal made the first ship survive, while having no destination was the end of the second ship. The ship is you, and the sea is the competitive world we live in. Your goals will help you survive.

I probably know what you are thinking now and what some people would think. They would say that the first ship may not reach the point, it may sink as well. That's a possibility too. But in our case, sinking means death. If you have really thought about this possibility, then you are no difference from the rest of us who always worry and have negative thoughts. And this is something you need to change to succeed online.

You need to think positively. Instead of thinking about the first ship sinking, think about it reaching the point and celebrating that. In other words, you need to stop worrying about not achieving your goals. You need to imagine yourself successful doing what you love. This is the key to e-commerce success.

To prepare for e-commerce success, you need to set goals and work towards them. You also need to think positively not to sink in the competitive world we live in. Success comes from within, not from a website or a product.

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