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Thought Is Power To Create, So Think Gratitude And Success In Your Life

Thought Is Power To Create, So Think Gratitude And Success In Your Life

Do you find that some day's, you just can't seem to express your gratitude

, due to a heavy heart and circumstances around you?

Gratitude gives you an empowered feeling to move on in Your Life.

Now, the inspiring feeling about expressing gratitude is that it empowers you, and this personal inner empowerment will focus your mindset on deeper desires, with absolute determination and will power.

When you feel empowered about your desires or purpose, you are drawing the natural creative resources of life towards you, and of course, the opposite is also true, when you feel negative, and the thought is full of doubt, sorrow, guilt, failure, then you are drawing your creative energy away from you, and this process continues until you can get your thoughts back on track towards your desires.

So, think of Gratitude as a growing process.

Gratitude is a state of mind that comes with gradual practice. There's no quick fix process, you can't fast forward or cajole it to please your outward desire, when the mind is not really fully engaged to direct this cause.

It's a natural growth from within, and as the practice increases, it gets easer with time.

When you start practicing gratitude on a daily basis, you may not initially feel this power, (but don't be concerned about this at all) because as you know, and according to the old saying, "old habits die hard", therefore you need to give yourself some time to get used to this new empowering way of thinking, and then let your subconscious mind gradually and slowly absorb the new thought process into your belief system.

The main point here is not to worry, it will eventually happen over time, as the old belief system is replaced with the new.

Tapping into Your Unlimited Resources.

The Creative Spirit of Life is always there for you, and your unlimited mind's resources will gradually begin to feed you with empowering thoughts of Peace, Confidence, Poise, Joy, Health, Prosperity, Creativity, etc.

You will eventually realise that this passion in you has more potential than you ever thought of, and as you nurture it with positive thoughts that help you grow, you'll develop the ability to tap into this resource, and make your life what you wish it to be.

Creating lifestyle starts from within, and the steady utilisation of this resource is your ticket to a life of freedom without worry or pain. Also, because you know where your creative process starts from, you can use this mind resource to better your circumstances over and over again.

Know that any limitations you have right now is that which you have either consciously or unconsciously set for yourself. The resource of your mind is unlimited and the proper direction and use of this mind power is your key to Life Mastery.

Power Gratitude Lyrics: "So, I think I can, therefore I will" to start your day.

Ok, given below, is an example of some empowering lyrics to start your day in gratitude. This will help you grow, especially when you are just starting in this practice.

*I lift up my heart in gratitude

*I have a dream that's expressing life within me

*I have a passion for .............................. (State your definite passion or desire)

*I have the determination to see it through

*I am on my way to success

*My natural resources are there within me

*As I cross over the challenges in my Life

*I know for sure I am gliding to success

*So, I think I can, therefore I will.

Copyright (c) 2010 Joy Obihara

by: Joy Obihara
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