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Special boat service clothing

Special boat service clothing

Special boat service clothing

The Special Boat Service clothing is the uniform of any man who has served or is serving the Special Boat Service. It is a special forces unit positioned in the British Royal Navy. They are one of the many groups who are members of the United Kingdom Special Forces. Other members include the Special Forces Support Group, the Special Air Service, and the Reconnaissance Regiment who all fall under the control of the Director Special Forces.

Let us learn a little history about the SBS. They were first known as the Special Boat Section in the 1940s when they were well-known to b fighting in the Second World War. After that, their name was changed to Special Boat Squadron not long before they finally settled with their present name, the Special Boat Service.

Their roles mostly consist of amphibious operations or those that involve sea crafts. They are involved in special operations and other operations like counter terrorism. They are composed of a single regiment and are under the garrison of Royal Marines Poole. They go by the motto "By strength and by guile" and have been engaged in several wars such as the Falklands War, War in Afghanistan, the Korean War, Second World War, the Gulf War, and the Indonesian Confrontation.Special boat service clothing

The Special Boat Service is divided into squadrons that are assigned to specific activities. For instance, two squadrons called the C and the X are for general operations only. For their operations involving sea craft, the S squadron was trained to especially deal with mini submarines and things like smaller boats for military operations. For counter terrorism, another squadron has been assigned, and they are called the M squadron.

However the Special Boat Service is not limited to sea operations. They are also involved in land operations and have dealt with quite a few over the years. They have participated in the recent war in Afghanistan, working with other military men on deserts and dry lands. When on land, their main tasks include destruction of enemy's infrastructure, combat action on the territory of the enemy, intelligence gathering, protection of important politicians and senior officers, and the capture of enemies.

The training and selection of the few chosen military men who are able to join this army is a tough process. There are volunteers who want to join in but they have to have at least two years of regular service from the Royal Marines. There is also a selection program in which individuals will be trained to become a military man.

With all the training that a member of the Special boat Service undergoes, they all deserve the uniform that earns them respect. There are many companies nowadays that cater to clothes needed by these members of the army whether they are uniforms or casual clothing. For all your training needs, there are sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts that will fit your every need.

Some of these companies even offer personalized items where you can add a badge of your own regiment. Because you are a member of the SBS, your Special Boat Service clothing should not be any less than your expectations.Special Boat Service Clothing
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Special boat service clothing