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Rome, A Must-See City by:Martina Meneghetti

Rome, A Must-See City by:Martina Meneghetti

Rome, the eternal city, where art, culture and literature are alive today as in the

days of Michelangelo, gives everybody the chance to discover its wonderful open air "museums": the Vatican city, the Imperial Forum, Sant'Angelo Castle and the majesty of the Coliseum.

Thousands of years of history, distinguished by the presence of glorious Empires, consigned to Rome an artistic heritage as few other places in the world. Everywhere in this city it is possible to find traces of a secular culture, where the constant flux of tourists crowds all the hotels and the monuments in Rome. The Italian capital leaves everybody breathless: treasures of incomparable beauty made of squares, palaces, alleys, churches and fountains. Rome can proposes a series of itineraries, inside the city and in the neighborhood, that enable the tourist to find out and admire the fascination of such a wonderful city, its history, art, its beauties and traditions. Starting from the Trevi fountain, an obliged stop for who is visiting Rome, realized under the portico of Clemente XII around 1735 AD along Poli Palace, this is a work by the architect Nicol Salvi and today is still flowed by the Vergine aqueduct projected in 19 BCE by the Consul Agrippa.

The small Trevi square, that hosts Rome's most famous fountain, is probably the place most crowded by visitors, who, as the tradition says, launch a coin in the pool hoping that this gesture could guarantee them to come back once again to Rome. The next stop is Via del Corso, a very important road of the historical Rome, on which overlooks the Dora Pamphilj palace; from here we can reach the famous Venice Square, geometric center of the city and also the union point of the most important roads of the city. This square has been created in the 15 century and here we can find some very important art works as Palazzo Venezia and the Basilica di San Marco, that rises at the foot of the Capitol Hill, now location of the Rome municipality that hosts three palaces (of the Senators, of Conservators and Palazzo Nuovo).

The Capitol Hill is the smallest of the seven hills and the ancient religious center of the city; here it is possible to admire the statue of Marcus Aurelius, on the opposite square. Leaving from the Capitol Hill we walk along Imperial Fora street, one of Rome's most suggestive roads, until we arrive at the Roman Forum, the symbol of the ancient roman civilization. Continuing our journey in the ancient Rome, not far away from the Roman Forum, we can not help but see both the Coliseum, the symbol par excellence of Roman power and one of the most famous monuments in the world, and the Arch of Constantinople. The original name is Flavian Amphitheater and in the ancient times it was the seat of various shows with fights between gladiators and wild beasts, it could accommodate until 45,000 spectators. Rome, A Must-See City by:Martina Meneghetti

Do not forget: the Monument to VIttorio Emanuele II, the Altar of the Fatherland, Sant'Angelo Castle along the River Tiber and the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, in the Ostiense district; the Pantheon, a roman temple built by Agrippa in 27 AD, dedicated to all the gods; the Mouth of the Truth along the river Tiber and the Cestia Pyramid in the Ostiense district; the church of Santa Maria Maggiore on the Esquiline Hill; the Sistine Chapel with the very famous Michelangelo's fresco "The last Judgment"; Piazza Navona, where there are Rome and Italy's most beautiful hotels, the famous square has been arranged by Bernini and here there is also the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and the Obelisk in front of the Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone. Rome, A Must-See City by:Martina Meneghetti

Finally, we remind you that each year more than one million people come from every continent to visit the Basilica di San Pietro, the Vatican Palaces, which constitute a unique art and monumental center in the world.

Rome can also offer a varied gastronomy, suited to meet al tastes and expectations among which the Jewish and exotic cuisine, various Indian restaurants that can offer also typical dishes of the Asiatic cuisine, such as tandoori and kebab. Or the most delicious dishes of the Argentina cuisine (mainly meat) accompanied by an excellent selection of South American wines to be tasted with the background of shows of tango and folklore. Or you can taste the real American cuisine, with great international music, a vast exhibition of objects belonging to rock stars from all over the world and a shop with customized articles, all this at the Hard Rock Caf. Here it is also possible to arrange private parties inside this local. For lovers of live music we recommend a visit to Viale Trastevere, staying in a hotel in Rome where you can attend performances of the best blues, rock and jazz musicians; the local has a well-stocked bar, you can eat there and there are also about one hundred fifty seats to attend the show for which the reservation is always recommended.

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