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Revealed:The Building Blocks To A Sound Online Business by:Vincent Glover

Revealed:The Building Blocks To A Sound Online Business by:Vincent Glover

Have you ever woke up in the morning anxious to open your emails and come to find

a overwhelming blast of mail from people you don't know ultimately telling you why their new state-of- the art system is better than the next guy. It's enough to cause information overload trying to keep up with the Jones.

This doesn't happen on occasion but on a daily basis. Their is nothing wrong with learning about the latest technology and methods that may work, but your first step should be to do what is proven to work and then build on that foundation. Once you have built a successful foundation, it will become easy to market new products to people who have bought from you or requested further information. The building blocks for success in online marketing consist of:

- Finding the right market

- Finding the right product

- Finding the right way to reach the market

- Having a web site that makes the sale

- Having a follow up system to make even more sales

Finding the right market can be frustrating at times, but the key is to put some thought into it. Scale it down from broad targeting to narrow and even niche, and always choose your market before your product. You want to make sure the market is sizable enough for your entry and that you can make a profit. Consider also the financial status of your target market, you want your audience to be able to afford what your selling.

Finding the right product can be just as difficult but what you want to do to is research the market, find out what people are spending their money on and survey people to find out what they truly need but is hard to find. Their are several ways to reach your market, the most popular right now is are pay-per click, ezine's, and articles. Pay-Per Click has been documented as being very lucrative and has many advantages but as I stated earlier, get the basics down first. Buy, go to library(check out), or download (ebooks) everything you can on writing ezine's and articles. Furthermore, I recommend subscribing to their site newsletter, their you can find great tutorials before you dive in and start writing.

The key with a website is to focus on the content or message, not the look. Powerful words sell products, not fancy graphics or flash introductions. Finally, a great follow up system is one that reminds potential customers why they should return to your site. After all they came to your site for a reason and the reason being that they didn't have enough information. A good follow up system will solve that.(Autoresponder) Keep them coming back by telling them how they will benefit when they buy your product.

About the author

Vincent Glover is a internet marketer that incorporates the concept of "Become The Hunted Instead Of The Hunter" in all his endeavors. If you would like additional information on Attraction Marketing visit:

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Revealed:The Building Blocks To A Sound Online Business by:Vincent Glover