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Let Canada Mortgage Brokers Get You The Best Mortgage

Let Canada Mortgage Brokers Get You The Best Mortgage

If you are applying for Canada Mortgage, it is important that you have a good monthly income

, credit history, real estate property for mortgage and the down payment. The mortgage lenders are very meticulous with these four elements.

The first information lenders want to know is your income. Are your earnings high? Or are they enough for sustenance? Lenders are not strict when it comes to the nature of your livelihood. What they are strict of are the requirements like certificate of employment, two months latest pay slips and Notice of Assessment Forms from Canada Revenue Agency.

The Notice of Assessment validates your regular earning and timely payment of taxes. If you are working for a company, the mortgage lender will make the necessary employment verification at your office.

Lenders will also look into your capacity to make your monthly payments in case you are granted with mortgage loan. The factors that lending institutions take into account are how many people in your family, how long you have had work, monthly bills and other payments you need to make.Let Canada Mortgage Brokers Get You The Best Mortgage

Generally, mortgage lenders use a formula to determine how much of a mortgage you can be approved for. Two elements come into play for you to qualify for a Canada Mortgage, namely, the Gross Debt Service Ratio. GDS, and the Total Debt Service Ratio, TDS.

The GDS is the maximum percentage of your gross income that is apportioned to your monthly expenses. This includes payment for the principal and interest of mortgage, property taxes, heating and air-conditioning, and other dues. To qualify, it is important that your monthly expenditures do not go beyond 32% of your total monthly income.

The TDS is the maximum amount of your gross income apportioned for GDS and all other financial obligations. This includes payment for credit card bills and all things on the GDS. To have an approval for Canada Mortgage, your TDS should not go beyond 40% if your total monthly income.

The mortgage lenders also review your credit score. In fact, whenever the subject is about loans and finances, the credit history is an essential consideration. If you are not sure of your credit standing, there are websites that offer free services to calculate it. If your credit score is imperfect, you can use the programs created for re-building your credit history.

The choice for real estate property is the next element. Lenders are concerned with. They want to know about the physical characteristics and appearance of the property to be mortgaged. The will typically order a home inspection to determines the homes quality.

The real estate property is the lenders security in case of non-payment. Lenders are very cautious that the real estate property should still be in perfect condition for re-sale, in case of default. Hence, a property appraisal by the lender is a requirement before a Canada Mortgage is granted.

Finally, the down payment is not so much an important requirement because many mortgage programs provide 100% financing. Nevertheless, if you can offer 20% or more of the total mortgage price, the Canada Mortgage lender will not require default insurance.

by: Rudy Silva
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