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Mortgages: Reduce Your Mortgage Interest Rate Using A Loan Modification

Mortgages: Reduce Your Mortgage Interest Rate Using A Loan Modification

You are not alone if you are seeking ways to reduce your home loan payment and stay in your home

. Many Americans need assistance to avoid defaulting and eventual foreclosure. You may qualify for a home loan modification through a program offered by the US government. The initiative came into fruition from the Obama administration attempts to offer borrowers with owner-occupied properties with modifications to their mortgages over the next few years.

Before you become excited and ask your lender to change the terms of your loan, it is reserved mainly to help around five million homeowners reduce their payments and not people who have not encountered financial troubles. Therefore it is best to see if you qualify as an initial step before you apply with your lender.

Homeowners should understand that lenders are not required to provide borrowers home loan modification. Although, due to the new federal plan, lenders, banks and borrowers are given special incentives to make it more attractive to all parties involved.

The housing crisis has put added pressure on banking staff to look a little harder at loan modifications but sometimes they are overwhelmed with mounds of files to look at and simply overlook people who do qualify. In an effort to make sure eligible homeowners do get their loan modified, companies who specialize in debt restructuring have risen while others that have been in business for years have seen more action.Mortgages: Reduce Your Mortgage Interest Rate Using A Loan Modification

A few things you should know about using a loan modification company to get your loan reduced is watch out for ones that are not backed or managed by an Attorney. Ask them to get you a lender approval letter that your loan is eligible to be modified before shelling out any money.

The initial part in the process is you will fill out a application with your income, assets, and provide bank statements along with a hardship letter which details out your troubles. You will then give that to your lender or foreclosure prevention representative to work on your request.

Your bank will be examining your income and monthly debts, assets, ability to pay, real estate present value and what the balance is on your mortgage. If you are upside down on your home loan (owe a principal balance above your home's actual value) then it is definitely advantageous for you to get your home loan modified so you can remain in your home.

It is helpful to have all your documents properly filled out to meet all the conditions. Be aware that if your submitted file is not finished or doesn't add up, it will be put aside while other files packages will take your spot. To avoid this mistake or delay, find out what documents you need to submit so you can be more comfortable.

by: Ray Heinson
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