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How to Promote Your Website for Free Online - Visitors Means Sales

How to Promote Your Website for Free Online - Visitors Means Sales

How to Promote Your Website for Free Online - Visitors Means Sales

If you have the world's greatest looking website and the greatest ever sales message providing the latest must have offer direct to the consumer it's not much use to you if you aren't receiving any visitors (traffic). Many an online business owner gets far too caught up in the intricate little details of their business and fail to concentrate on the important things i.e. generating visitors to the site, for the more visitors you generate that are of a targeted nature the more money you will make. Learning to promote your website for free online can be an absolute life saver, especially as you are starting out and are struggling to afford a marketing budget.

The following article will outline three methods that will help you drive free traffic that is targeted to your site; areas that will be covered are blogging, forums and social networking sites.

Let's look at forums first, the first thing that you should consider is signing up to a forum that is firstly related to your area of business and secondly gets a decent amount of traffic. Let's use internet marketing for example as our business. The premier forum to sign up to would be the Warrior Forum, this is actually rated as one of the top one hundred websites on the internet, and the sheer volume of traffic is huge.

Fill out the information within your profile, read and take on board the rules of the forum, if you fail to adhere to the rules of a forum you will get banned, plain and simple. Following this is probably the most important step and that is creating your forum signature. This is where you can place a link to your website that will be shown below your posts. Finally and most importantly start to look for threads that you can comment on that you genuinely know something about. Help people out and provide value to them by offering quality information and advice and they will click on your link to find out more about you and what it is you do, thus taking them to your website meaning more traffic for you. Do however resist the temptation to spam your link all over the forum, this is annoying and unwanted and will only see you banned.

A great way in which to promote your website for free online is with social media, sites such as Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and YouTube are free to sign up to and use. They are a fantastic way in which to share valuable content that can help your target prospects and are a great medium to help promote your business. A word of warning though, social media sites are exactly that social, people take offence to being sold to, there is a right way and a wrong way to market using these sites. Be sure to provide value to your target audience by sharing things they can genuinely use to help them succeed often and be sure to provide a link to your website if you have the opportunity to.

Finally and no means lastly a great way to promote your website for free online is with blogging. Blogs are basically a mini website that allows you to post articles videos and links to a site etc. Search engines like blogs for they are a constant source of fresh content. This means that you will stand a chance if generating organic traffic from the search engines if your blog post is contained within search results. Be sure to sign up to a blog and post relevant content to your target market such as a "how to video" or "top ten mistakes" article. Make sure the content that you provide on your blog is clear, concise and straight to the point. Keep the blog updated regularly, once or twice a week is enough as the search engines will like the fresh content provided.

If you would like to find out more on how you could learn to promote your website for free online be sure to check out the link below.
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