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Honda Civic - The Perfect Teenage Car

Honda Civic - The Perfect Teenage Car

Honda Civic - The Perfect Teenage Car

When it comes to buying them their first car, which they no doubt may refer to as my ride or my wheels, there are many choices but none as clear or right as the Honda Civic. Ranked in the top ten in many reports the Honda Civic comes with a stellar safety rating, and excellent reliability record.

Since its inception in 1976 the Honda Civic has steadily grown a following made up of a vast assortment of people. From the middle aged businessman, the moms and dads requiring reliable family transportation, and of course the ever popular teenagers looking for that sporty car that speaks to their individuality while providing reliable transportation.

Now, zoom ahead with me, and we'll see that the eighth generation Honda Civic while boasting a 0 to 60km/hr time of just 8. 6 seconds, still delivers that famous reliability, safety and fuel efficiency it has become known for. Factor in the low cost of insurance and it's not hard to believe it is the number one rated car for new drivers. This could ultimately be the perfect car for teenagers everywhere.Honda Civic - The Perfect Teenage Car

Let's face it, the teenager preparing for his of her first set of wheels, and the parent looking for their teenagers first car don't exactly have the same list. Parents typically want a car that is inexpensive, while being low on maintenance, reliable, safe and performs reasonably well. On the other hand, if you look at the teenagers list you're likely to find things such as, flashy, stylish, fast, expensive, comfortable, accessorized and that notorious sports car label.

Check this out, Honda Civic is currently made at two locations in North America. One is the East Liberty Plant, and the other one is the Alliston plant. So for those parents who want to buy something that is produced locally, the Honda Civic has got you covered.

Now at this point it would be wrong not to mention Honda Civics unique lighting system. It is reported that due to their bright illumination and focus, the path the vehicle is traveling is very bright and very clear. And on top of that, their taillights are said to have enhanced clarity and extend the visibility range a great extent.

The Civics lights will make your vehicle look sleek and elegant, while providing excellent visibility. Their color temperature ranges from 4300K to 30000k. And to top it all off, the Civics lights draw considerably less power, thus increasing the life and reliability of your vehicles electrical systems.

So to summarize, the Honda Civic with its enhanced visibility, high safety rating and economical fuel consumption is the one car capable of meeting the tough requirements of both parents and teens alike. Sleek, elegant style accentuated with low insurance costs, relatively minimal maintenance and exceptional driveability make this the number one choice for today's teenagers.

Andy Zain is the admin of Honda Civic Forum , a place where fans and owners can get the right information for tuning, customization and general discussions on anything about Honda Civic. Get the information you need when you visit Honda Forums.
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