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Ten Top Tips For Controlling Your Kids

Ten Top Tips For Controlling Your Kids

Ten Top Tips For Controlling Your Kids

As parents we without doubt get accustomed to a daily routine and if you actually take a moment and give thought to each day and make a note of everything you do you just wonder how we all cope. Those days are gone when all you were required to do is jump in the vehicle and head off to your job without a care in the world. Having children is amongst the best experiences in the world there is however no denying how difficult it really is and I have listed some suggestions that for you that I find help with handling the daily routine.

1. The night before nursery/school be certain you set all the kids clothes out, pack their bags and make their lunch as this is another stress you don't have every morning.

2. Attempt to get your children to bed for a reasonable time so that you can have some time on your own and it's not wrong to want some time on your own away from the youngsters.Ten Top Tips For Controlling Your Kids

3. During summer when you're not working or at the weekends encourage the kids to go in the garden and burn up some energy and the likely hood is that they will be more relaxed for the rest of the day.

4. Try and let the kids have a sleep in the day by winding down the level of activities reducing stimulation.

5. Providing them with healthy snacks which includes raisins, cereal bars and fresh fruit can have an

impact on their mood later in today especially when they become increasingly tired.

6. Plan your week ahead so that you know what you're going to do on a daily basis with your children as I find if we start the day without a plan we turn out wasting time and the kids get aggravated and bored hanging around whilst we decide things to do.

7. During the day it's good to have some time allocated to book reading as this provides a stimulating but relaxed activity and done in the afternoon this could have great success.

8. Managing the kids in the car is difficult at the best of times so by putting a smaller scaled-down version of their toy box in the car helps to attempt to entertain them on the journey if you happen to be stuck on a long stretch of the motorway with screaming kids in the back.

9. Yearly subscriptions to things which includes wildlife parks and theme parks have an initial costly outlay but over the year they work out quite cheaply if you visit them frequently.

10. Make meal times a time where you sit together as a family making a point of discussing how your day went and what the children have enjoyed during the day.

This article was written by Jamie Anderson, who enjoys writing on his Anderson Family Blog
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