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Finding Out That You Are Pregnant

Finding Out That You Are Pregnant

There comes a time in every woman's life where she wonders if she is pregnant

. So what is the best way to tell that you are pregnant? Taking a pregnancy test is the best sure fire way to know if you are pregnant or not. However, many of these tests do not allow you to do this until you miss a period. So what other ways can you tell?

There are many tell tale signs that indicate that a woman may be pregnant. For example, many women report that their breasts become tender and sore. So sore to the point that wearing a shirt is painful. This can happen a few days after the egg is implanted into the uterine wall. Many women know from the moment of conception that they are pregnant because they often describe feeling heavier. This sounds a little strange, however, from the point of conceiving, there are parts of the body that are beginning the process for the next nine months. For example, the uterus will begin to stretch to accommodate the baby, making many women find that their pants are not longer fitting well around the waist.

Many women often hear the saying that they are glowing. But does the skin actually grow? Not really, however, with the extra hormones, many women often look as if they are blushing and just have this lightness about them. Other women report that they feel dizzy or as if they will faint at times before they know that they are pregnant, this is once again due to the fluctuating hormones in the body.

Pregnancy tests are the best way to find out you are pregnant. Some of these can be taken five days before your missed period, so you can know even sooner. The number of choices that are available for the woman to choose from when it comes to pregnancy tests are immense. However, you should carefully read the back panels of the boxes to find the one that is for you. If you have yet to miss your period, but it is due in a few days, then get the test that promises results before the missed period. You will also want to consider the accuracy of each test. Most have an accuracy of around 98.9%, however some are 99% effective. You will also have the choice of digital tests that have a clear 'Not Pregnant' or 'Pregnant' displayed on them. While the other tests may have a pink line or two pink lines to indicate whether you are pregnant or not.Finding Out That You Are Pregnant

Make sure to visit your doctor as soon as you discover or think that you are pregnant. They will conduct their own pregnancy test and from there you will begin the exciting pregnancy adventure that will lead to a little bundle of joy.

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by: Kyle Healy
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