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Doggie Lack Of Control Difficulties Come From A Variety Of Causes

Doggie Lack Of Control Difficulties Come From A Variety Of Causes

Doggie Lack Of Control Difficulties Come From A Variety Of Causes

Golden retriever aggression can stem from a multitude of reasons. Usually this could be a result of problems which have something to do with territorial dominance or control. Golden retrievers can behave aggressively if they happen to feel threatened or they may be stressed or anxious. Aggression can be a result abuse in the dogs infancy. In most cases the onset of golden retriever aggression is around six weeks of age. At this age your dog is very vulnerable so it is important that you actually socialize it and you might also want to train it in order to make sure it does not attack any of your family members. Usually the normal length for this socialization is 14 weeks

There a many possibilities that can play out. Firstly you'll want to be in a position to tackle this while the dog is young. Probably a very powerful factor and it helps since it makes it easier. Do not speak harshly to your golden retriever , punish it or employ inhumane disciplinary methods this will only worsen the overall situation.

A good method to avoid the development of golden retriever aggression is good socialization in infancy. There are numerous factors that bring about actual dog aggression. Some dog species tend to be more aggressive than others, this is where heredity and genetics play in. Golden retrievers that have not yet been sprayed or neutered definitely have a higher risk for developing aggression problems.Doggie Lack Of Control Difficulties Come From A Variety Of Causes

Environmental variables usually are the culprit on the subject of golden retrievers and aggressive behavior. In exactly the same manner humans are affected by dogs, the same also holds true for golden retrievers.Things like living conditions and inhumane treatment definitely lead to behavior problems such as aggression. Some golden retrievers use aggressive behavior when they are attempting to become dominant and lead the pack. As the owner you need to establish dominance over your dog at a young age and throughout adolescence to ensure that its behavior does not spiral out of control in the household. Biting, posturing and other behavioral problems are more often than not the result of a Golden Retriever testing for dominance. When your golden retriever is old and it develops aggression problems it is not easily trained. Teaching older golden retrievers is a very hard process as they will not be as attentive or have a good learning curve like young ones. You should be prepared to deal with golden retriever problems in a timely fashion. You need to assert yourself as the leader of the "pack". Golden retrievers must be obedient and must always follow the lead of the owner. When your dog knows that you are in charge you will not run into any problems.

Employ golden retriever obedience training and this will help your dog learn the commands. You need to make sure that you do not defer to your golden retriever as it will become more aggressive and more problematic.

There is a problem of defensive aggressive behavior that is commonly found in improperly socialized dogs. These dogs with this avoidable condition might actually attack people when they are in fear. Golden Retrievers with defensive aggressive behavior tend to attack children as they think they are threats. They perceive them as territorial threats. In order to socialize the dog to its surroundings you should consult a behaviorist.
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