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Dentist Marketing On-line: How to Get on Top in the Business

Author: Ed OKeefe

In on-line dentist marketing, all that matters is the development and growth of your dental website. By development and growth, it means getting more and more traffic into your own dentist marketing website and at the same time getting more and more dental patients as well. You need to know the stuff that can help you beef-up your own website! Aside from this, everything else is just details in dentist marketing.

The Formula For Success!

I have come up with a simple yet special formula to have you on a winning side. If you want to make your life easier and enjoy seeing more and more patients from your on-line dentist marketing, then this formula is for you: T + C = Cash.

T is for Traffic!

T stands for Traffic. So what does the word traffic mean in dentist marketing? It means the rate on how many people are coming in to your web page everyday as they use the Internet. But take note that I did not use the word hits, instead, I made use of the word people. These are passionate and enthusiastic people who are seeking out the dental professional that they would like to conduct business with. This is the reason why your web page should be presented in a way that it gives and satisfies what they want. Your web page must communicate with them in a way that it makes it easy for them to choose you as their own dentist! Then we go to the second part of the equation....

C is for Conversion!

C stands for Conversion. What does conversion mean? It means that the people visiting your website becomes your patient. So you convert people from being visitors to becoming your patients. In on-line dentist marketing, this is what you would really want, right? You need to know how to structure your own website to get people to enter their name and information, then they call your office and officially become your patient! If you can't get people to be your patient through your website, then what you have is a website just sitting out there gathering nothing but Cyber Dust! Expounding more on the conversion stuff, let's say you are currently getting 100 visitors a month, and you are only getting three new patients from those visits (considered as a 3% conversion ratio). This rate can be improved. If each patient is worth $900 (within a 6 month period), then you are adding $2700 in cash to your practice (take note this does not include the referrals yet!) So, we start by improving your traffic and get it up to over 300 visitors a month. Then we boost your conversion to around 5%. Immediately, you go from getting 3 new patients a month to now getting 15 new patients a month! Let's say your average new patient value stays the same ( at $900). So, $900 x 15 new patients = $13,500. Isn't that great? And an increase of $10,800 a month ( that is the difference between getting 15 new patients and 3 new patients a month: $13,500 - $2,700 = $10,800). Multiply that increase by twelve months, and it will give you an amazing $129,600! Not bad, right?

So again, in order to become highly successful in the business of on-line dentist marketing, just remember the equation: T+C=Cash. Find ways to build and improve your web page in a manner that it would increase the people visiting your own site, and convert these visitors into your own patients! Log on to our website, and get a free CD and Book titled, How To Predictably Grow Your Practice 25-35% Every Year While Enjoying More Control, Time Off, And Bottom-Line Net Profits!. About the Author:

My name is Ed OKeefe, and over the past 7 years I have shown over 5300 General Dentists world wide how to flood their practice with patients using my counter-intuitive, yet extremely effective dental marketing, internet dental marketing secrets, and dental advertising secrets that are proven, guaranteed, and unmatched by anyone else in dentistry!
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