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Dental Implants

Dental implants are small screws or cylinders that act as the roots for missing teeth

and are able to support several teeth replacements (also known as false teeth or restorations).Once these implants are placed on the patients jaw bone, they eventually fuse to the bone through process called osseintegration.There are several types of dental implants available today in most dental clinics in Essex. These are:

Root Form Implants

These kinds of teeth implants are also known as endosteal implants. They are fixed directly into the patients jawbone. Patients with bridges or removable dentures are the best candidates for this kind of teeth implants. To place a root form implant, your dentists first begins by making tiny cuts or incisions into your gums to expose the jaw. The implant is then placed and the incision closed with stitches. This is followed by a waiting period of about 3-6 months during which the dental implant fuses with the jaw bone. Once the fusing is complete, the patient returns to his dentist for a second procedure. This procedure involves fixing an attachment (also known as an abutment) to the end of the implant. The replacement teeth can then be placed to the implant after this. This type of dental implant is the most common in Essex dental clinics.

Plate Form Implants

Plate form implants are teeth implants that are in the form of narrow plates made of metal. These are inserted into the jaw bone. Before placing a plate form implant into the patients jawbone, the dentist first makes a number of incisions or cuts on the patients gums. This exposes the jawbone. The incisions are made according to the number of plates that are going to be placed. A period of waiting is then allowed for complete fusing of the jawbone and the dental implant.Sometimes; it is possible to place the teeth into the implant immediately after it is fixed. This process is referred to as immediate loading.

SubPeriosteal Implants

These are special kinds of teeth implants that are placed into the patients jawbone in cases where the patients jaw is not wide or deep enough to receive other types of implants. Subperiosteal implants are custom made implants that are in the form of lightweight frameworks that sit on top of the patients jaw. They in effect act as multiple teeth roots that can support a number of teeth restorations. These kinds of implants can be placed either by using single surgery or dual surgery.

Mini Implants

These kinds of dental implants are smaller than normal implants. They are used for small teeth such as incisors. They are sometimes used to stabilize dentures in older patients.

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Dental Implants