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Choose The Unparalleled And Super Enthralling Month Of Your Husband's Life, Get Caribbean - Bahamas

Choose The Unparalleled And Super Enthralling Month Of Your Husband's Life, Get Caribbean - Bahamas

Bahamas Vacations in Eleuthera the Best

The island of Eleuthera is among the most sought after Bahamas Vacations because its isolated enough for some peaceful moments yet modern resorts are all around the place for more convenience. An idea for a perfect photo: visit the Glass Window Bridge that connects Northern Eleuthera to the main island and catch a view of the remarkable contrast between the light colors of the Caribbean and the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean; its a hair-raising experience. If you have a thing for dark holes, the Hatchet Bay Cave is perfect for you where youll see a mile-long stretch of rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites; if youre a fan of the mystical, youll also find that these rocks resemble cathedrals. The Beach at Pineapple Fields is a wonderful treat for your eyes which can be enjoyed more at Tippys; a bar and restaurant nicely located with a view of the pineapple plantation. British Royalty has an eye for beauty as some of them have been seen on the shores of Eleuthera.

Bahamas Vacations in the Amazing Bimini

One of the best spots for your Bahamas Vacations is the mysteriously beautiful Bimini Island; Ernest Hemingway, world renowned author and poet, had a lifelong love affair with the place where he often fished. For divers, being able to see up to two hundred feet deep is a rare and welcome treat that only the waters of the Bahamas can offer and in Bimini Island, explorers found limestone blocks neatly arranged as if to form a road which they say may belong to the Lost City of Atlantis which they called Bimini Road; its only about twenty feet deep and easily accessible. The Tiki Hut Beach stretches two miles which is big considering Bimini is the smallest of the Out Islands and its white sand gives an amazing contrast to the greenery surrounding it making it a picturesque landscape. If youre looking to add more to your knowledge, make a dive run at the wreck of the Sapona Liberty ship which was where liquor traffickers stored their goods during the time of the prohibition. Bimini Island is beautiful and its lingering mystique will make you come back for more.

Bahamas Vacations in Cat Island

There are two ways to enjoy Bahamas Vacations, one is to spend a lot of money and get the most luxurious accommodations and the other is to explore an island in its bare elements which is what Cat Island is all about. Cat Islands isolation made it suitable for a cotton plantation which is what western settlers set out to do and the remains of those structures still stand today which you can view on top of Mount Alvernia, the highest peak of the island at 206 feet. Climbing Mount Alvernia is not that tough thanks to the stone staircase on Como Hill that Father Jerome Hawes took the time to carve by hand in the 1930s when he set out to build the St. Francis of Assisi monastery in the same location. In Bain Town, you can visit the Mermaid Hole; a small lake which locals believe is home to a beautiful mermaid. If adventure is what youre after, Cat Island will surely give you more than you can handle.

Nassau and Paradise Island: Best Bahamas Vacations

Nassau and Paradise Island offer a unique combination of Bahamas Vacations; urban lifestyle and the worry free island life. Bay Street is the oldest thoroughfare in Nassau and its the hub of all commercial activity in the island; wide selection of shops and stores line up this once British Colony territory which is still evident in the structures architecture. Go to Dolphin Cay at Atlantis in Paradise Island and get to experience the mystery that has hounded inhabitants for thousands of years, the Lost City of Atlantis; snorkel your way through ruins and artifacts underwater with sharks and other sea animals circling around you. Commune with the oceans most lovable creatures at the Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island just three miles off the coast of Nassau where you can either swim with bottle-nosed dolphins or pet them on platforms; its an activity families can enjoy together. Nassau and Paradise Island is an excellent getaway for people who love both the sea and staying indoors.

by: Niall Gaston
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Choose The Unparalleled And Super Enthralling Month Of Your Husband's Life, Get Caribbean - Bahamas