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Charter Jets When Time Is Money

Charter Jets When Time Is Money

Just as soon as the pilot receives permission he moves his charter jet onto the runway while heading into the wind and continues down the runway

. In many ways the take-off of an aircraft is like starting a car in low gear, shifting to second gear and finally into high gear as speed increases. The pilot of the charter jet adjusts the angle or pitches of the flap.

After take-off the bite is increased and the jet engine speed is reduced. When the plane reaches cruising altitude the pilot reduces engine speed and is in high. Thankfully the pilot has all the flying on his mind, while mine is on New Jersey to sign some papers.

The pilots continue checking after the charter jet is airborne and during the climb to altitude. They pull up or retract the landing gear. They also move the flaps into flight position where they are brought up close to and in line with the under surface of the wing. When the aircraft reaches the altitude called in the flight plan, another cursing check is made.

While flying the course the pilot reports his position from time to time as he passes over air traffic control points. As he flies along designated airways he knows when he is over such points by a flashing light on the instrument panel or by a cone of silence when over a radio range station. Both the flashing light and the signals in his earphones are caused by the radio signals which the station markers send up. He also keeps track of his position by checking landmarks on his charts.Charter Jets When Time Is Money

While the pilots are handling the charter jet, the passengers may read, visit, eat or any number of things at will. The only exception is during take-offs, landing or in a storm. There are so many lesser restrictions on a charter jet than on the large commercial airlines. You can even have your pet on board if you wish. For that reason alone might be enough to use a charter jet over a commercial airline. Simply meaning many people sees their pet as another member of the family! Thank goodness for charter jets.

In an aircraft flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet the passengers may enjoy a view of 175 miles in each direction to the horizon. Such a view of 96,000 square miles would be large enough to include the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

The cabin remains comfortable even though the charter jet is so high, that the outside temperature maybe below freezing and the outside atmospheric pressure very low. Heat is regulated through automatic control devises and cabin air pressure by mechanical means which the crew operates easily.

Fresh air usually comes through individual air outlets located at each passenger seat. What is a big attraction to charter jets these days is when you don't have a lot of spare time. As we all know time is money! The next real estate deal you need to close in person, think charter jet!

by: Gary Cooper
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