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Buying Health Insurance With Diabetes

Buying Health Insurance With Diabetes

Having a health insurance is really a great help to you

. You can get your health insurance as part of your employers benefit package. In case your employer does not provide it, of you are a self employed person, you can buy a private policy for yourself. Although these are a bit expensive, they are considered as the necessity of life by many in one way or another such as car payments, mortgage etc. Similarly health insurance has its own benefits.

As person you have two options available to buy a health insurance policy. The first choice is to go alone and buy it as an individual policy. The second choice is to join any organization and become worthy of its group health benefits. Remember, both have their own benefits and drawbacks, you have to be careful and do your homework before buying any policy. Select the best suitable policy for you.

A form is given to you about your general health and past medical history, which you need to fill properly. Make sure that the information you provided to them is true. For instance, you checked the box for having diabetes, giving the false information. You need to present a claim for health care for that. If you do provide them with claim, the carrier will investigate on that and gather information regarding your disease and eventually find out you lied. In that case they are likely to punish you. They can refuse to pay any diabetes related claim or they may simply cancel your policy.

No matter which health insurance policy you prefer or which way you buy it, the most important part is to read the contract which you will receive carefully. Read all the instructions, rules and regulations carefully regarding your diabetes related expenses. Before purchasing any health insurance policy, it is important for diabetics to have a better knowledge of few things:Buying Health Insurance With Diabetes

-Check whether there is any limit on the number of times you visit your physician each year.

-Make sure that the diabetes supplies such as syringes, test strips, lancets, glucose monitors are covered under the policy.

-Make sure that the policy covers the diabetes education or services of a nutritionist, exercise therapist and non medical specialists.

-Make sure that the policy covers the prescriptions properly as there will be no restrictions on drugs, like generic only. Or how many times a prescription will be refilled in a year?

-Make sure that there are not restrictions on medical centers or hospitals you can use.

-Will your policy cover you on your foreign tours?

-Your policy covers the services of medical specialist and are there any restrictions of on a requirement for referral.

by: Tauqeer Hassan
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Buying Health Insurance With Diabetes