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4 Reasons Victims Too Often Neglect To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

4 Reasons Victims Too Often Neglect To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

It's no secret that Americans have a reputation for frivolous lawsuits

, but in many cases, it is the exact same "victims" that keep on filing these joke examples of justice every time they get a chance. The average American tends to go it alone and just take the blows that life delivers. Unfortunately, in cases where true suffering has occurred and someone truly has been wronged, a lot of people just suffer the consequences on their own rather than filing suit and getting the compensation they deserve.

In a situation where someone has been severely injured, this is just wrong, but it is often how things go.

Here are 4 reasons people fail to hire a personal injury lawyer and press charges.

1. We Don't Feel Right About It4 Reasons Victims Too Often Neglect To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

It's the American way to just grit your teeth and bear it, isn't it? We don't like to admit when we're hurt, we hide pain, and for many individuals from our independent culture, expecting any help or assistance even at our worst feels like a personal sacrifice. But with the ridiculous and yet uniquely American high cost of medical care in this country, when you are injured and it's someone else's fault besides your own, being proud and toughing it out is not a wise decision.

2. We Don't Think We'll Win

A lot of the time we want to take action, but we simply feel like it's no use. We either think there's not enough justice in the system or that our adversary has too much money and power for us to ever get anything accomplished. This is especially true for people who don't have a lot of money or power for themselves, and all too often, those on the lower rungs of the totem pole in American society get stepped on and mistreated by the system.

Then again, those who don't stand up and make their claim have no way of knowing if their assumption was wrong, and it often is. With a competent professional on our side, even the smallest among us can often get compensated for our suffering and financial loss.

3. We Don't Recognize the Immensity of the Situation

Many of us just shrug off an injury and assume it's no big deal, thinking the pain will fade, and unless it's a serious injury, the truth is it probably will. Maybe they are just happy to be alive after whatever has happened and actually go through a period of being thankful for the gift of life.

But what doesn't fade is the medical costs as well as accrued financial losses of time off work. And sometimes what we expect to be a temporary injury turns out to be something more serious that stretches over time.

The longer people wait to file a personal injury lawsuit the more of a chance they never will, even when their suffering turns out to be greater than they expected.4 Reasons Victims Too Often Neglect To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

4. We Don't Know Our Rights

Of course, all too often, American citizens simply don't know their rights and entitlements. That's why it's always important to contact a personal injury lawyer when you're unsure about whether or not you have a case. Don't rely on internet research or talking to your neighbor who had a friend who had a friend who....

Pick up the phone and dial someone in your state who knows what they're talking about?consultations are typically free and if you don't have a case, they will most likely tell you by the time the conversation is over.

by: James Druman
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