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10 Requirements For Website Copywriter

10 Requirements For Website Copywriter

As websites and electronic commerce are becoming more and more general

, business owners and marketing managers are getting that quality web copy is every bit as crucial as impressive design. Additionally, with the ever-increasing importance of search engine presence, the role of web copy has never been more critical.

However, in such a relatively new area, customers are even coming to grips with what they can expect of their website copywriter. The question many people are asking is, "How do I know I will get what I pay for?"

Before engaging a website copywriter for your next project, ask them whether they are able to provide you with the following 10 essentials:

1. Fixed Quote

Many website copywriters will clarify you they only work on an hourly rate. They will cite varying requirements, quickly changing technologies, bigger incentive, the risk of purchaser indecision, and a host of other factors why they cannot provide a fixed quote. However, do not be fooled. You have a right to know what the job is going to cost you. If a website copywriter will not give you a fixed quote, think twice.

2. Contract of Works to be Completed

Just as crucial as a fixed quote is a signed contract. A lawyer may not draw it up, but a written and signed document outlining the works to carry out and the cost of those works is vital. If a website copywriter is reluctant to bring a written, itemized quote this includes estimated number of words, you have to ask yourself why.

3. Timeframe

Always ask how long your job is going to take. If you have already had a go at writing your own web copy, you will know how time consuming it is. Never commit the mistake of thinking the job will be complete in a day. An expert website copywriter will be very efficient in constructing your copy, but in spite of who the writer, a quality product needs time. Additionally, on top of writing time, remember that you will have to review and provide feedback on everything they write. In many situations, it is the review phase that takes the most time, so make sure you try to set a few time aside, otherwise you will find yourself the bottleneck!

4. Blueprint of Attack

Try to get a few ideas from your website copywriter about how they blueprint to approach your project. Do not be fooled into believing you have to hand through the dollars before they will give away their blueprint of attack. You have a right to be comfortable with their approach before you engage their services. Will you receive individual drafts of every page, or a single draft of the entire site? What format will you receive the ended product? How many review iterations do they anticipate?

5. Samples

Many successful web service providers of all kinds are calling themselves writers nowadays. They offer copywriting as a specialist service, but do not engage a specialist to complete the work. Always ask to see samples of their previous copy. Read it thoroughly and ask yourself, "Does this copy convey benefits?" Pretend you are the intended audience and ask, "Does this copy answer the questions I require answered before I will buy?"

6. Curriculum vitae

Most copywriters' websites will give you a very high-level overview of their business and the services they offer. Some even offer samples. However, just a few offer an expert biography of their writers. If you are not happy relying on their website as your sole source of information, ask for a copy of their curriculum vitae. The things you are looking for are an expert history in writing, and preferably a few tertiary educations in an identical.

7. Testimonials

Perhaps the best indication of a website copywriter's capability is purchaser satisfaction. Do not be afraid of asking for purchaser testimonials. A good website copywriter will be proud of their testimonials, so proud that they will be selling them without you even asking. Look for testimonials from companies you identify and / or can check. Any individual can get their great aunt to write them a testimonial. Some will even write their own. If you really want to make sure, ask for contact details for you to give the purchaser a call and hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

8. Search Engine Optimization Copy Skills

Approximately 80% of all web traffic comes through search engines, so it is vital that your website copywriter has demonstrated experience in copy. Ask them about their broad approach to search engine optimization copy. Do they always perform the keyword research themselves? How do they know when they have used enough keywords in enough of the right places? Can they give you a high-ranking site that they have written the copy? What steps do they take to avoid diluting the productiveness of your primary keyword phrases? Will their search engine optimization copy transform the text links on your pages? It should!

9. Search Engine Optimization Copy at No Extra Charge

Never be fooled into paying more for copy. If you have already performed your keyword research, and you know where you need your keyword phrases used, writing of the copy should take no longer than common. Search engine optimization copy is not an extra; it is how web copy should write! Do not pay extra for it! The only things you should expect to pay extra for are keyword analyses, adding the HTML code for unmarked text links, providing orientation on site structure, sourcing of inbound links to your site, etc. Search engine optimization copy by itself should cost no extra.

10. Writing Experience for Online Media

Writing for an online medium is definitely different to writing for print. Readers have different requirements and objectives, and reading conditions are very different. Make sure your website copywriter realizes how to cater to these differences. Ask them to suggest a maximum page length or word count per page. The correct answer should include some comments on the trade off among the problems of scrolling and they require for a high keyword count for search engine optimization. Ask them whether they like better long sentences or short, and hope to hear "short". Ask them whether they will include many text links within the main body of the copy, and if so, will they appear as regular links, colored and underlined, or will they be unmarked.

Professionally written copy can mean the variance between an excellent looking site and excellent looking site that earns you cash. Choose your website copywriter carefully.

by: Calvin Tan

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10 Requirements For Website Copywriter