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10 Attractions Worth Visiting in Egypt by:Jessica Nielson

10 Attractions Worth Visiting in Egypt by:Jessica Nielson

Egypt as one of the world's most intriguing country when it comes to mystery

beyond their famous architectures and rich in history is a place where all of us would surely spend time to visit at least once in our lives. There are countless of wonders that you will see in Egypt, natural or man made. No matter how the media convey the beauty of this magnificent country, it cannot pale into comparison the experience you yourself will have.

1 - The Cairo Tower

In the center of Zamalek district in Gezira Island, stood a 187 meter tower leaning over Cairo. This famous Cairo Tower provides a glamorous view of the city at night, the glow of each building reveals the city's best contours. The panoramic view would surely take your breath away.

2 - The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

For over 4000 years, the great Pyramid of Giza never fails to enchant the eye sight of its viewers and The Great Sphynx never fails to mistify the minds of the every tourist. This 2 great creations remain as the icon of Egypt since the ancient times. Indeed, a beauty that must not be missed.

3 - The Nile River

The most popular and the source of life of Egypt, the Nile river, is another place you shouldn't miss. The best experience with the Nile is by cruise. Touring you the Nile's riverside is another magnificent scenery packed with luxury and style.

4 - The Valley Of The Kings

Situated at the west bank of the Nile across from Luxor, where the nobles were burried, lies The Valley of Kings. This is the principal burial place of the Kings of the New Kingdom dated back on the 16th to 11th century BC. Its tombs and chambers continue to be studied for further exploration and discovery. Indeed another place of never ending mystery that must be seen.

5 - Luxor Temple

Another great creation of the Ancient Egypt is Luxor Temple. It is thought to be the temple for Amon Ra in the shouthern region of Egypt. With its stunning entrance alone, you will surely praise this magnificent creation of the ancient times.

6 - The Egyptian Museum In Cairo

For a glimpse of Egypt's artifacts, Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the best place to be. Built on 1835, the museum exhibits over 120,000 artifacts from the ancient times. The museum doesn't only cater ancient artifacts, but mummies and sculptures as well. Another mesmerizing scene that would stain in your vision for a lifetime.

7 - Red Sea Coast

One of the world's best underwater adventures is situated at Red Sea in Egypt. Resorts in the Red Sea coast such as Hurghada caters scuba diving, taking you to some of the most beautiful parts of the Red Sea. It is inhibited by over 1000 invertebrate species wanting to be seen and explored by human eyes and minds.

8 - White Desert

Located 45 kilometers north from Farafra, you might mistakenly think this as a never ending shoreline of a beach since the whiteness of the sand resembles those at Bora Bora. This is another interesting site in Egypt with fascinating white rocks perfectly balanced on top of a pillar. This cream colored desert is best viewed during sunset or sunrise as it changes its color, a true delight on your eye sight.

9 - Abu Simbel

Another astounding place to hop in is the temple in Abu Simbel. The temple of Ramses in Abu Simbel unravels the beauty of ancient Egypt. It portrays how Egypt is rich in culture and power. These gigantic Statues are made for the purpose of recognition and landmark since ancient times.

10 - Dakhla

Dakhla Oasis is another oasis worth visiting for. Traditions are well preserve by the inhabitants making it more interesting to tourists and travelers.

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10 Attractions Worth Visiting in Egypt by:Jessica Nielson Pombia