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10 Natural Ways To Treat A Gout Attack - Natural Treatment That Works

Uric acid becomes a byproduct when food is consumed and processed within the body

. Under normal conditions the kidneys work to flush out the excess acid. But when uric acid builds up, it is deposited in the joints of the body where it forms crystal. These crystals aggravate the surrounding joint tissue that leads to swelling and pain. Gout often occurs overnight but may take weeks to disappear.

If you suffer from this debilitating disease, there are some natural methods to treat your next attack and help reduce the length of the attack.

Change your Diet.

Fried and fatty foods with trans fat and organ meats are high in purines and lead to a greater production of uric acid. Many gout sufferers are overweight. Losing weight helps normalize kidney function. However, weight loss should be gradual as sudden changes in weight can bring on an attack of gout.

Exercise More.

A sedentary lifestyle promotes illness and disease. Exercise increases blood circulation that helps to flush out uric acid before it has a chance to crystallize in the joints. Though many arthritis sufferers hardly feel the need to exercise when in pain, any activity can help alleviate the pain of arthritis, including gout.

Avoid Fructose.

High fructose corn syrup is found in many products today, chiefly in soft drinks. But the average consumption of sugar leads to obesity and increase gouty attacks.

Eat more Raw and Unprocessed Food.

Fruits, vegetables, fish and high fiber foods work to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain health. Unfortunately, today's food is highly processed and refined and comes loaded with chemicals and other toxins, a recipe for ill health later in life. 75% of your food should be fresh or raw.

Drink Cherry Juice.

If you are suffering from an attack of gout, cherries and cherry juice can help neutralize uric acid. Drink up to 4 glasses of black cherry juice every day. Celery can also help reduce the pain of gout. Dark green leafy vegetables and broccoli help keep the crystals from developing so they can be eliminated.

Eliminate Alcohol.

Alcohol only aggravates an attack of gout. While you're recovering, drink more water to help the kidneys flush out the excess uric acid.

Avoid the use of Aspirin.

Besides the gastrointestinal bleeding that can occur, aspirin can raise uric acid levels.

Get on a Kidney and Bladder Cleanse.

As today's world is filled with pollutants and toxins, everyone needs to get on a detox program. Constipation, flatulence and other stomach and intestinal disorders prevent toxins from being eliminated. Gout, arthritis, kidney and bladder stones require a full body cleansing.

Take Vitamin C.

Also known as ascorbate acid, vitamin C with bioflavonoids and rutin can help relieve gout pain. Take a quarter teaspoon in water every four hours for the first week. Switch to 5000mg daily for the next month until relief is permanent.

Check with Your Doctor.

Your high blood pressure medication can lead to the creation of uric acid crystals in the joints. Allopurinol is commonly prescribed to help prevent the onset of a gouty attack but the drug needs to be discontinued once you are having an attack.

If you are suffering from gout you want to take immediate steps to relieve the pain. But once the pain is gone, you need to keep following these steps to insure you never have a recurrence again.

by: Kari Farmer
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