Your Travel To Iraq - What To Expect And Where To Go

Your Travel To Iraq - What To Expect And Where To GoIf you want to travel to Iraq, there are two things you should know beforehand. The first one is safety rules and the second one is the fact that there are actually a lot of things to see in Iraq.
If you are going to travel to Iraq, there are some things you should consider. The country is showing signs of stability now as foreign troops have started to depart and the elections held showed signs of autonomy for the country. Things are slowly going back to normal and people are trying to build their lives again. Refugees are coming back as the war is over and safety returns. There are also many companies that are interested in the region. However, the country is certainly not considered safe. The foreign office of the UK advises against travel to Iraq, especially Baghdad and other affected areas. The main threat now is terrorism that includes kidnapping. Kidnapping is a major threat to anyone. Not only affects government or journalists, but foreign individuals as tourists are also in danger. Even people working for organizations that provide help should be careful. Hotels may be granted five stars, but that doesn't make them safe. Be aware in every place you are, especially in places like hotels that make you feel secure but can actually not protect you. If you have to travel to Iraq, you should also make sure you are not travelling alone. Travel with a guide or government protection. Walking in places that are marked is also not safe as there are minefields everywhere.
Your travel to Iraq can actually be an experience. Once you get there, by rail or airplane as all ports are closed and using your car is not advised, there are a number of things to do. The first thing to do is to visit the national Museum. It was reopened recently and will give you an idea of the history. Moreover it features ancient remains from Babylon that are considered of great archaeological significance. The city of Najaf is located south of the capital and holds the famous mosque that is made of gold tiles and has four minarets each made from 40,000 gold tiles. Pilgrims visit the city often as it is a milestone for their religion and you can join them. Mosul is another city you can visit to see the old mosques, churches and castles. There are ruins of Nineveh in the museum. Hatra gives you the same atmosphere. It is now protected by UNESCO and was once the capital of the Arab Kingdom of Mesopotamia.Your Travel To Iraq - What To Expect And Where To Go
If you are interested in older history rather than seeing the city after the war, you can visit Babylon and see the Hanging Gardens. Of course war has affected this place as well and you shouldn't expect to find what is described in the books. You can also visit the city of Ur to see the ruins of the city and the great Ziggurat of Ur, the famous pyramid.
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