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You Don't Have To Remortgage Just To Expand, Using The Finance To Redecorate Can Add Property Value

If you're looking to sell in the near future

, you may need to consider redecorating your home to make it more interesting to potential buyers. The only problem is that it's not always easy or feasible to finance projects such as home improvements.

But have you considered the option of remortgaging your home and borrowing additional funds against the property? This is a great way to release the equity and use it to invest in your home, make it more attractive to prospective buyers and make it more enjoyable for you in the meantime. It could also increase the value of the property for when you do sell.

A really cheap and easy way to begin is to paint all of the rooms so that they look brand new. Buy quality paint products so that you know it won't flake off after twelve months, and if you're uncertain about your abilities as a painter then why not call someone to decorate for you?

If you decide to do the painting yourself, first make sure that you strip all of the old wallpaper off the walls and sand them down so that the surface is flat and even. You then need to line the walls with new paper and you can then add two to three coats of paint in your chosen colour - but make it's a colour that the majority of people will like to make it more saleable.

New carpets or wood flooring is also a great idea. Carpets often become stained, worn and generally tatty looking over time so a new one could make a massive difference to the appearance of a room. Alternatively add wood flooring for easy cleaning and a more contemporary look.

Don't forget the little things such as skirting boards which are often left without care. A quick lick of paint can easily brighten these up, and if you have new walls and flooring then a dirty or old skirting will stick out like a sore thumb.

Instead of forking out hundreds or even thousands on new furniture, why not just tart up your existing stuff? Paint the kitchen table, throw a cover on your settee and add new soft furnishing to make it look smart. This will help buyers to see how it could look if they lived in it.

You may also be able to make the property more attractive by adding the finishing touches like fresh sunflowers in the kitchen, candles on the dining table and wooden ornaments on the fireplace. Don't go too over the top, but making the place look 'lived in' could help to sell it.

Don't neglect the outside of your home either, as this is all part of what a potential buyer will be purchasing. The front will be the first thing that they will see so make sure it's neat, tidy and how you'd expect it to look if you were buying the house.

Whichever projects you need to do to make your home look neat and saleable, getting a remortgage can help to fund them so that you can make the most profit possible from your beloved home.

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You Don't Have To Remortgage Just To Expand, Using The Finance To Redecorate Can Add Property Value Ashburn