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Why Laser Teeth Whitening Is Offered By Leading Charlotte Cosmetic Dentists

Laser teeth whitening has become the latest option for Americans looking for teeth whitening or bleaching

. In fact, teeth whitening is probably the most common reason for a Charlotte resident to visit a cosmetic dentist. To cater to this demand for whiter smiles, trustworthy dentists already offer traditional solutions, such as bleaching. However, some people find bleaching to be messy and expensive.

The latest laser teeth whitening systems actually use LED lighting. This has brought down the cost for basic teeth whitening, making it a great option for touch-ups and regular maintenance. A reliable dentist with LED laser tooth whitening equipment can remove mild stains in a session that is approximately 20-30 minutes. Unlike other teeth whitening methods, this is quick and effective, especially if you find a reliable dentist who has hands-on experience with laser tooth whitening.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening products all contain some amount of the chemical peroxide, in the form of carbamide peroxide (CP) or hydrogen peroxide (HP). This chemical reacts with all the organic material sitting on top of the tooth enamel. Peroxide is well-known for its ability to bleach even stubborn stains caused by coffee, smoking, red wine, or food. Of course, different types of teeth whitening products contain different levels of CP or HP.

How effective are OTC products?

In general, over-the-counter products contain the least amount of peroxide. This is why a typical needs to be used for weeks or even months before visible results. The other problem with trying tooth whitening at home is the risk of damage to the tooth enamel. Overuse or incorrect treatment can wear away at the tooth enamel, causing extreme sensitivity and pain. If required, a trusted dentist can provide suggestions on which OTC products would be best for your own needs. In some cases, cosmetic dentists will advise products meant to maintain the results of a tooth whitening procedure.

What is the procedure for laser teeth whitening?

With a trustworthy Charlotte cosmetic dentist operating the LED laser tooth whitening system, the procedure is effortless. The first step is to apply a product to the teeth, most likely a gel. This contains a unique type of peroxide that reacts with light from a limited wavelength. When the LED lighting is switched on, the peroxide is activated and goes to work on all the dark organic stains. A typical laser teeth whitening procedure lasts only 15-20 minutes. It is very effective at removing mild discoloration, making it a sensible option for first time tooth whitening.

How can you maintain your new smile?

Your Charlotte cosmetic dentist should provide some home care tips to help you maintain your brilliant new smile. In most cases, a simple diet change may be required to avoid the main causes of tooth discoloration. The best dentists also provide patients with products that help keep the newly whitened teeth in good condition. You can contact your Charlotte cosmetic dentist to find out how a simple laser teeth whitening procedure can brighten up your smile and confidence.

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Why Laser Teeth Whitening Is Offered By Leading Charlotte Cosmetic Dentists Ashburn