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Why Baby Boomers Choose Income Over Insurance

Why Baby Boomers Choose Income Over Insurance

What option is left for baby boomers who remain without a plan for their future healthcare

? Despite the incessant campaign for long term care insurance for baby boomers, financial advisers revealed that a greater percentage of todays elderly are more concerned about maintaining a regular monthly income after retirement rather than their long term care (LTC) coverage.

According to 9 out of 10 elderly people over the age of 55, they feel that the money they will receive upon retirement will not be enough to cover their LTC expenses. This is why they are delaying their retirement. Whats more, since the recession four years ago they have been partially providing for their children who now have children of their own, too, and thus their failure to plan their own healthcare needs.

Had they purchased a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy years ago, they would not have maintained the annual premium anyway because its going to eat up a chunk of their earnings and there will be nothing left for their kids and grandchildren.

Baby boomers are known for their independence, intelligence and for being self-sacrificing which are very good traits. In fact, these traits are responsible for taking many of them to the highest ranks in their chosen professions.
Why Baby Boomers Choose Income Over Insurance

Unfortunately, when it comes to their healthcare a big population of these baby boomers forgot to plan.

Long Term Care Insurance for Baby Boomers

Buying an LTCI policy later in life is not a strange thing. In fact, in the 90s everybody was advised to wait till theyve turned 60 before they look into their options in the LTCI industry.

These days, the trend is different. Investing earlier in an LTCI policy is more advantageous as it will spare you from high annual premium. Whats more, purchasing a policy while youre in your 40s promises a higher maximum benefit amount especially if your policy comes with a 5% compound annual inflation protection.

Now baby boomers who dont have LTCI policies yet can still apply. After all, not everybody who gets to 60 has a preexisting condition so youre lucky if you can still clinch a policy at a price that you can afford.

Better yet, apply with your wife or husband so that you can get a spousal discount. Most insurance companies that market LTCI policies offer 40% spousal discount. Aside from this huge discount, you also get the assurance that in case you dont get to use your benefits your spouse will.

Look for an insurance firm that offers LTCI policies with a waiver of premium or joint waiver of premium as this will definitely alleviate the weight of your annual premium the very instant that you or your spouse would qualify for long term care. Without the waiver of premium benefit, you will continue paying the price of your policy while receiving care.

Long term care insurance for baby boomers is not an option but a necessity as the cost of care continues to increase. Theres no better time to discuss your options with an LTCI representative but today.

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