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Where To Buy An Inflatable Boat

Where To Buy An Inflatable Boat

So its mid may and you and the family are heading off on a roadtrip

, camping, caravanning etc. And you need an inflatable boat. Where do you start? Well the internet is a good start. What should you type in google? Inflatable boat deals, inflatable boat for sale, the list is endless!! In my opinion the first place you should start is to find your nearest knowledgable dealer. That way you can peruse his wears, get some excellent advice on what EXACTLY you need, and maybe cut your search time in half. Now there are a myriad different inflatable boat deals out there from seemingly hundreds of manufacturers. The list is endless. You will be well advised to stick to either a well known brand (if you are feeling flush and dont mind paying for the name) like zodiac inflatables, bombard boats, avon inflatable boat etc. With one of these you know that you are buying as good as it gets. But what if I told you that you can get inflatable deals which are EVERY bit as good as the big brands from a SELECT few other manufacturers? Here is the minefield, you need to know which of the hundreds of brands to buy. Well as a rough rule of thumb, dont buy anything made in china. There are over 60 factories in china purporting to have inflatable boats for sale of the highest quality. Truth is the chinese know nothing about inflatable boats, and even less about build quality, couple these two and you can guess what the result will be. Crying kids by the beach whilst dad tries to explain why their brand new wang ton cheapo is at the bottom of the sea. Korean built boats are some of the best in the world, of the brands that I have experience with the best of the bunch is the Korean built Seapro inflatable boat. They are hand built by a company who has been manufacturing inflatables for 20 years, the fabric is highest quality German stuff called Valmex, which is completely UV resistant and every bit as abrasion resistant as hypalon. The fittings are ALL Italian, so you wont have oar locks falling off and D rings rusting after the first outing! But most importantly they are made by people who KNOW how to build a boat. In conclusion, make sure, if you cant see and feel the inflatable boat you are thinking of buying, dont buy it unless you know the name!!

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