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What Goes On When You Get A Boating Dui

What Goes On When You Get A Boating Dui

You could be arrested for driving drunk when you are driving something other than your car

. A boating DUI can also land you in a lot of trouble, necessitating you give your DUI lawyer a phone call. Boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law, much like is driving any vehicle while under the influence. Operating a boat or any other maritime vessel is illegal if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or greater. Depending on your individual circumstances with your case, when you speak to a knowledgeable DUI lawyer immediately he will help to protect your rights and might also possibly have the charge reduced to a lesser offence or dismissed.

Misdemeanor Charge

Most boating DUI charges are misdemeanors, especially for the primary offense. A boating DUI is oftentimes referred to as a BUI - which means boating under the influence or boating while intoxicated. Repeat offenses of boating while intoxicated 3 times within ten years can constitute a felony charge, however. Any boating DUI charge could cause you to incur time in jail, steep fines, and other penalties. Generally, the more serious your DUI boating charge is, the higher is the possibility of you serving jail time or having to pay extremely high fees. The courts will even suspend your boating privileges until your DUI case is resolved. It is possible the court will likely suspend your driver's license, even if you weren't driving a motor vehicle whenever you were arrested. All of the traditional penalties which can be incurred when obtaining a traditional DUI also can apply to the boating DUI.

A BUI Is Critical
What Goes On When You Get A Boating Dui

Although it is not a DUI charge, a boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs charge is nonetheless significant. When you are involved with DUI on the water, there are serious consequences. Penalties range from the misdemeanor charge described previously to a felony charge if you are a habitual offender. Fines you will face for boating while drunk can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. You may be incarcerated for a couple of months or perhaps a year or longer, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case and also the seriousness of the charge. In California, passengers on a boat are allowed to consume alcohol, although passengers in a vehicle in California cannot drink from an open container. Aside from this difference, the laws governing boating while drinking are nearly identical to those for driving while drinking. Oftentimes, the charge of BUI originates from boaters who draw the eye of Coast Guard or any other waterway officers by speeding or boating recklessly.

Defenses For Boating While Drunk

Not everybody that may be charged with boating while drunk is in fact guilty. Your DUI lawyer will formulate a defense for you that's based on all the facts found in your case. Oftentimes, the device which is used to ascertain drunkenness (a breathalyzer) is faulty or has some kind of maintenance issue that causes the results of the test to be erroneous. Talk to your DUI lawyer to find out which defense holds true within your particular situation.

BUI is simply driving under the influence in a boat, and it's really a serious charge. Contacting your DUI lawyer at the earliest opportunity after the arrest for DUI while boating is essential to the successful outcome of your case.

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