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Two Reasons Why Laser Eye Treatment Does Not Cost The Earth

Two Reasons Why Laser Eye Treatment Does Not Cost The Earth

. But this is generally linked to the idea that technology does not come cheaply, as much as the fact that the body and its working parts are complex and cannot be treated by simple means. The truth is that when it comes to the eyes, the costs involved in getting laser eye treatment are far less than many believe. By and large, the options that are available as part of modern laser eye treatment, cost far less than one might expect. For example, to avail of Lasik and Lasek laser vision correction per eye can cost less than a family holiday abroad. This usually also includes pre surgery consultation and assessment, and post surgery check ups, though it may depend on which clinic carries out the procedure. Indeed, the costs involved in providing non laser treatments are also low, with severe forms of dry macular degeneration symptoms, for example, treated with an anti vascular endothelial growth factor drug, which is better known as antiVEGF. These are simply injected into the eye, in a procedure that is fast and proven to the highly effective in inhibiting the build up of unnecessary blood vessels in the eye, which is the cause of such sight problems. Of course, all procedures, whether laser or syringe based, are entered into only after detailed examinations by and consultations with experienced and credible opthalmologists. This is part of the treatment, and should be expected from any eye clinic. There are a number of ways in which all procedures have become affordable. These include social insurance, where a national government has identified certain medical treatments that they will pay for or share in the cost of, and payment plans that clinics sometimes offer clients who have had to have multiple procedures done over a relatively short period of time. Of course, another is simply market forces, where the demand for treatment, especially cosmetic treatment, has meant an overall increase in business, which in turn permits a reduction in prices. However, the truth is that treatment and procedural costs have also been kept as low as possible for two simple reasons. These are that everyone has a right to sight, and the needs of the modern living places perfect sight high on the agenda. Right to Sight The first reason for costs being kept to a low and affordable rate is the stern belief everyone is entitled to have the best quality of eyesight possible. While cosmetic eye surgery was traditionally regarded as an indulgence for those with money to burn, there are many with genuine reasons, whose eyesight is inhibited by facial features, like hooded eyelids, or whose eyesight requires refractive procedures to negate the need for eye glasses. However, for treatment of medical conditions that diminish the quality of sight, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, there is an acute need for affordable treatment if permanent sight loss is to be avoided. When it comes to treating such sight problems as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, laser treatments like Lasik and Lasek are highly effective and highly efficient, causing the least intrusion into lifestyles and providing the best results in the shortest period of time. Making it affordable, simply makes it possible for the maximum number of people to achieve perfect, or near perfect eyesight, with the minimum of difficultly. Lifestyle Demands Modern lifestyle is driven by activity, whether it is travelling to far away places or playing sport, and it only stands to reason that perfect sight is essential. Perhaps our grandfathers could get by with less than perfect vision when they were boys, when they had a less hectic lifestyle, and their sight was not affected by the technology we used today. While it is true that macular degeneration symptoms have always been common, it was seen as a natural part of the aging process. The real difference, however, has been the development of laser eye treatment and the convenience that the different procedures provide, causing little intrusion in everyday life, and at the same time reliable results. And most of all, the typical laser eye surgery cost is low enough for everyone to benefit, at any age and in any walk of life.

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