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Trying To Get Pregnant In Your 40s, Just Like Nicole Kidman ?

Trying To Get Pregnant In Your 40s, Just Like Nicole Kidman ?

Trying for a baby after the age of 40 can seem a very challenging task

. However, it is possible with the right approach and mindset.

Natural techniques that boost your fertility are valuable to older women trying to conceive. Put the idea of "I'm too old" out of your mind. Instead, concentrate on how wonderful it will be when you give birth to that amazing baby boy or girl.

If you are an older woman you will be used to turning on the TV or watching a moview featuring a woman in her 40s who has had a healthy baby.

Nicole Kidman, for example, is living proof of that. She had a child recently, after the age of 40.
Trying To Get Pregnant In Your 40s, Just Like Nicole Kidman ?

People find it easy to feel a little resentful or envious of these women, but that does nothing to help in the short term. Instead, women should focus on finding natural strategies to conceiving their own child.

Learn about Ovulation

Ovulation is the time when the egg is released from one of the ovaries. This process can take 1 to 3 days. The egg will wait about 24 hours to be fertilized before moving on through the reproductive system and out of the uterus.

If not fertilized, a period will occur. It is important to know when the fertile window occurs in order to time sexual intercourse on the right days. Taking note of your temperature throughout the month can help you to do this.

Do It Before Ovulation

When the day you should ovulate can be determined, it is vital to have sex every day for about 3 days prior to the event.

Though the egg has 24 hours to be fertilized on the actual day of ovulation, you want to avoid fertilizing it too late. The egg will age as it sits, which can be more detrimental for an older woman.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, so those eggs are the same age as the lady trying to get this case, over 40 years old. Old eggs can lead to medical issues for parent or baby.

Don't Over Do It

While you should have sexual intercourse every day for 3 days before ovulation when trying to get pregnant, refrain from doing it more than once a day.

The man will need time to build up his sperm count after each ejaculation. Having intercourse too oftern can result in low sperm count. 24 hours is enough time to effectively reproduce enough sperm for the next sexual session.

Avoid Worrying about Getting Pregnant

Worrying about whether or not you are still fertile in your 40s will not help you conceive in the slightest. In fact, it can delay your ovulation, the key factor to getting pregnant.
Trying To Get Pregnant In Your 40s, Just Like Nicole Kidman ?

This stress is unnecessary, and should be eliminated from your life to avoid decreased fertility. Focus on the positive outcome of being pregnant, not on the failed attempts.

But there is one major mistake that women in their 40s can make. And that is when they don't know the right type of healthy lifestyle to lead which practically turbo charges you chances of getting pregnant.

If you want to avoid this mistake, and you are serious about trying to get pregnant, then you can learn all about these pitfalls and more within the books and courses dedicated to natural and holistic methods of having a baby.

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