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Travel Safety Tips For Your Dog

Travel Safety Tips For Your Dog

Research has shown that a large number of automobile accidents are caused by unrestrained pets

. Some states, such as California, have even enacted laws that require canine owners to restrain their pets while the automobile is moving. An entire market of dog seatbelts has been created to cause of these types of laws in the need for safer methods for transporting dogs.

How many times if you seen someone driving down the road with a small dog in their lap with her head sticking out their window? What if that person had to make a sudden stop or even had a minor fender bender with the dog on his lap? Of course if the car was equipped with airbags the dog would no doubt be killed instantly. Of course a more important concern is that the dog could interfere with steering the car and cause an accident, and thus injuring the driver and/or pedestrians or other drivers.

Three important for canine owners to consider purchasing dog seatbelts in order to restrain their pets. And just like with small children, the seatbelts for pets should be installed in the backseat. As stated earlier, should there be an accident, the powerful airbags they go off could seriously injure or even kill your beloved animal.

If the dog is used to running freely within the car during trips, he or she may resist and complain about being restrained with the canine lap belts. But owners must be persistent in training the dogs to accept the new confinement since it's in the best interests of not only to ensure your dog's health and well being, but also the other occupants in the car.

Be sure and check with your state and local laws and regulations concerning the need to restrain pets in moving cars or pickups. The laws very from state to state in exactly how this should be done. In some states, it's all required that the animal be kept in the back seat. Of course some dogs have learned the trick of jumping from the backseat to the front seat and this could be of course a dangerous situation as it distracts the driver.

I remember in the old days few people even restrain their children with seatbelts in moving cars. Nowadays it's completely against the law not to. I'm sure that eventually all 50 states will require dog seatbelts when transporting pets.

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