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7 Steps to Stress-free Holiday Spending

7 Steps to Stress-free Holiday Spending Do you usually end up in credit card debt after the holidays? If so, then make a vow right now that this will be the year you change history. It won't be easy, but you really can get through the holidays without buying stuff you can't afford. How? By following this simple, 7-step plan to a debt-free holiday season.Step #1: Create a holiday budgetThis absolutely has to be your first step....more

7 Steps To Create A Successful Promotion

Pav Sangha, Marketing Director of Odenza Marketing Group Inc., describes the key elements to consider before embarking on a campaign. Get under the skin of your brand and the target audience: the most successful campaigns are ones where there is a synergy with the brand, target audience and the vacation incentives chosen. A good incentive provider will get as much information as possible about the brand and their consumer before presenting ideas....more

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Strip That Fat Program

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Strip That Fat Program 7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Strip That Fat Program7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Strip That Fat Program If you are starting a Strip That Fat program, it may be helpful for you to know that there are some simple steps you can take to make any Strip That Fat program more effective. We will share 7 tips that have been proven successful by millions of Strip That Fat participants in any Strip That Fat program of their choice. Strip That Fat Tip #1: Realistic GoalsThe fastest way to lose motivation is to set unrealistic weight loss goals for yourself before you even start your Strip That Fat program, ask yourself some simple questions-"What do you want to achieve from this Strip That Fat program?" and "How much weight do you want to lose in a day, a week or a month". Remember that each small goal you achieve will propel you closer to your final destination. But if you set unrealistic goals, you will only end up in frustration and disappointment when they are not achieved, even when you are making significant progress in your weight loss goals. Strip That Fat Tip # 2: Preparation is the KeyNow is the time to start a new...more

7 Secret Aussie Expressions Visitors To Australia Will Need To Know

Yes they do speak English in Australia. It's just that in some parts, they speak it a little differently. If you are planning to visit Australia, particularly the outback, you may hear some Australian slang expressions you just don't get.Here's a starting guide to help you.But first, a word of warning.If you are sensitive or easily...more

7 Questions To Ask About Whether It's Time To Consider Going On A Suborbital Space Trip

WOW! That's what most people say when they hear about taking a trip to the edge of space.Yes, it's a wealthy man's sport, as to visit the International Space Station costs over $30 million and for a brief flight into suborbital space fares currently run from $95,000 to $200,000.If you can afford it then:1) Why should you go?2) Which...more

7 Places You Want To See While Traveling In Western Europe

7 Places You Want To See While Traveling In Western Europe Western Europe is an exciting region to visit on vacation and for good reason. With such vivid history and beautiful landscape, it's no wonder that a trip to Europe is such a popular activity. From the beautiful artwork of the Louvre, to the awe-inspiring attractions of Rome, Europe is full of amazing places to visit. If you're planning a vacation to Western Europe, there are 10 places that I think are essential to visit on your trip.FranceFrance is a hot-spot for history buffs, artists, and students from all over the world. The countries rich history and beautiful landmarks make it one of the best places to explore on vacation. From the Louvre to the Palace of Versailles, there are enough amazing attractions here to keep you busy for your entire trip. BelgiumLocated at the crossroads of Western Europe, Belgium offers one of the most unique cultures in the region. With its impressive Gothic cathedrals and historical statues, Belgium offers an array of things to do and see while visiting. LuxembourgLuxembourg is one of the most wealthy countries in the world and its successful steel, finance, and...more

7 Of Australia's Most Famous Exports

Considering Australia immigration was once given out as a punishment to many of the UK's criminals (alarmingly, as recently as the nineteenth century), it's often surprising to realise just how popular of a country Australia has become. To...more

7 Must See Destinations To Visit While Traveling In Europe

Europe is one of the most popular and exciting places to visit on vacation. With its amazing history, unique culture, and inspiring landscape, Europe has long been a hot-spot for both young and old alike. The best way to explore Europe is on a...more

7 Methods To Travel Safe From Bed Bugs

7 Methods To Travel Safe From Bed Bugs Bags packed...Check. Hotel reservations made...Check. Solid plan to avoid hotel bed bugs while traveling...Don't worry, after reading this article you can check this off your list too.So you...more

7 Luxury Villas Tuscany, Italy

7 Luxury Villas Tuscany, Italy Tuscany is a region in Italy with Florence as a capital city. If you like nature and architecture than you should go there. This post is devoted to Luxury Villas in Tuscany. I like new places, especially...more

7 Great Spring Travel Destinations

Going to a beach location for spring vacation has become a tradition in the US. However, traveling out of the country can be expensive so this year stay its recommended to stay US bound. The United States has some great spring travel destinations...more

7 Great Spots for a BC Vacation Home by:Mike Andruff

Now more than ever, the dream of owning a vacation home in British Columbia is more attainable. With low interest rates and declining house prices, this is truly a buyer's market. In fact, the most difficult part of taking this step, is deciding...more
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