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6 Ways To Be More Than A Tourist

A camera-clicking, guidebook toting, brash, rude tourist no one wants to end up like that, right? So, if you want to really experience another culture and get the most from your travels, its time to be more than a tourist. Heres how:1. Get a jobThe best way to really experience another country and move from strange short-term visitor to long-term resident is to get a job abroad. In a few short months, youll go from outsider to the person who...more

6 Un-Cool Travel Destinations for Nerds

Gamer? Anime freak? Science nerd? Just since you wear a pocket protector, does not suggest you cannot travel. Let's face it - although quietly, the nerds most likely outnumber the awesome kids on this earth, and every culture and country across the entire world has its own version of a dweeb. So, why not get out of mom's basement and meet some other intelligent-minded folk like your self? Right here are a few places that only true geeks...more

6 Things You Need When You Travel

Its great to travel once in a while and enjoy what the world has to offer. But to make your trip more convenient, enjoyable, and hassle-free, you would need a couple of basic travel stuff. Listed below are 6 top things you shouldnt forget on your next trip.Travel Organizers To avoid losing important personal identification, have with you a travel organizer. This is like a purse for all your important documents like boarding pass, tickets, passport, visa, ID cards, business cards, and money. This is the most important item you should have on your person. With all your important documents in one compartment, you will limit the risk of losing any important document during your trip. Electrical Adaptor SetsOther countries may have a different standard in power outlets. If you are traveling, its good to have adaptor that are compatible with the power outlet and your electronics as well. Make sure you pack adaptors and all your chargers and batteries in one container. You can visit a hardware store to find travel adaptor plugs or you can buy Jetsettr travel adaptors for Europe trips. Travel PillowsTo make you trip ever so comfy. Rely on the underrated travel pillows. It might sound so...more

6 Things You Must Have For Your Group Travel Tour

Vacations are perfect times to get away from home and the local area so we can experience new places and ideals. Granted, Disneyland, backpacking or going to the beach makes for a great vacation but going to an exotic place like Costa Rica or Nicaragua could truly be the ultimate vacation. But for most people vacations like that are simply too...more

6 The Best Travel Destinations

6 The Best Travel Destinations I've been working in the expeditions industry in requital for the past 6 years and take been traveling/partying charming much all of my life. You can charming much yell me an authority on the subject. I take been all over the world and upon the following destinations/parties the wildest and pre-eminent I...more

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

You never know what might happen when you are traveling. It is essential that your money should be kept safe while traveling because of this very reason. Here are a few good tips to keep your money safe while traveling to avoid any hassles and inconveniences during your trip:Keep your money in different safe placesIt is very important to remember not to keep all your cash in one place. If you carry everything in your wallet and it gets stolen or lost, you will end up with nothing. It is always wise to break up your money and put it in different pouches. The money can be divided between your wallet, pockets and other pouches.Use your pocket to carry a small amount of local currencyYou will need money on-hand for transportation and other small expenditures. The point is that if a pickpocket steals from you, your vacation won't come to a grinding halt because you have no money left. To avoid dropping your money and have them organized, use a money clamp.Consider carrying your money in a security pouchYou can wear a money belt or pouch in order to hide cash from potential burglars. In the money belt, you can keep large sums of money along with your credit cards and valuable...more

6 Secrets For Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping

We all love that gift opening moment comes Christmas Eve. Ripping every wrapper until everything under the tree has been opened. These gifts spell out a lot of character. People love creativity. They would always praise the gift that presents...more

6 Reasons To Book A Sardinia Island Holiday

1. The best Italian beaches are found in Sardinia. Whether you are looking to enjoy a second honeymoon or a family holiday in Italy, there are plenty of beaches than you could count to choose from. Many of them boast of fine white sand, sand dunes,...more

6 Popular Destinations for a Thrilling Holiday

DALAMAN, TurkeyTowards the end of summer, this city allows you to enjoy warm temperatures without stress or crowds. The city is located between the sea and the mountains, presented with extensive beaches, and beautiful lakes and rivers....more

6 Place For Avoiding Summer Heat In Yunnan

1. Zhaotong Coptis River FallsRecommended to: Water Metropolis - Zhao tongZhao tong City is located northeast of Yunnan Province, located in Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces junction, historical vestiges. Is the birthplace of the three major...more

6 Options For Contacting Home When Travelling - For eGeniuses And Technophobes Alike by:Gary Sargent

So, the vacation plans are set. Tickets are booked, packing is done, dog has been left with the neighbours. All the vaccinations have been injected (ouch), visas are arranged and there's no sign of political unrest on the television. What have...more

6 Must-carry Travel Accessories For Smart Backpackers

Advance planning of a holiday makes a lot of difference in term of funs & pleasures. Smart packing of all necessary travel accessories is an integral part of perfect planning. This article brings you top 6 must-carry travel accessories. Going for a...more
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