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Top Three Job Roles Apt For Contract Staffing

Top Three Job Roles Apt For Contract Staffing

Temporary staffing has introduced new avenues for employers and employees alike

. The constant need for supplementary manpower has prompted companies to hire staff on contract. This allows you to organize manpower for pressing company obligations in an effective manner. But then, to gain maximum mileage out of this opportunity, you ought to know which positions are the most suited for contract hiring.

Listed below are some of the common job roles that can be easily handled by temporary workers on third party payroll.


A receptionist is one of the most indispensable parts of any organization. Even though from the outset it seems she is not really making any valuable contribution to the company (especially compared to more important job roles), a receptionist actually handles the critical front office, which serves as the first point of contact with any company. However, unfortunately, most companies have nothing to offer in terms of growth for this job role. In such a scenario, it is a wise decision to hand over this task to a temporary workers . Hiring a receptionist on contract will not only offer you a great network of employees to choose from, but also foster efficiencies of cost and time in the entire recruitment process.
Top Three Job Roles Apt For Contract Staffing

Data Entry Operators

Data entry operators are required in a wide range of companies. Be it publishing, accounting, ITES, call centers, media, or hospitality, every business might at some point or the other need them for small and big projects. However, because data entry people are not very highly qualified, they need not necessarily be a part of the companys full-time manpower. Instead, it makes all the sense to have them on third party payroll as part of your team of temporary woersrk. You can engage them when you are in need of additional employees to take care of extra tasks.

Software Programmers

With the development in number of IT companies across the country, the availability of qualified software programmers often falls short of the current requirements, especially in companies that deal in outsourcing or freelancing. In cases of small, one-time projects, it is advisable for companies to go for a team of contract programmers who can take up short-term tasks and fill into different project teams as and when need be. These employees will not only be qualified and trained, but will also be inexpensive in relation to your overall project cost.

If you are an employer dealing in any of the above-mentioned job roles, it is time you did a rethink for your staffing requirements. We, at TalentPro, specialize in providing a wide variety of temporary employees to fit into your workforce solutions requirements. All you need to do is identify the positions that can be filled by contract staff and we will help you find the right people for the right place.

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