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Singapore Taxes Support Economic Growth

Singapore taxes support economic growth and that is by design. Whereas some countries use taxes merely as a way to collect revenue for government operations, Singapore has chosen to use taxes as a business incentive tool. The country has been so successful at managing its use of tax funds and attracting new business that taxes did not have to be raised during the recent economic crisis. Singapore boasts a large foreign reserves fund and its...more

Alternative Minimum Tax Consequences Are Not A Result Of Cost Segregation

Alternative Minimum Tax consequences are not a result of cost segregation. Nor is cost segregation accelerated depreciation. Decisions regarding cost segregation and accelerated depreciation are independent by the four options as illustrated in the following matrix:Accelerated depreciation increases the amount of depreciation taken in early years of ownership but triggers alternative minimum tax consequences. The alternative minimum tax...more

Your Options For Filing Tax Form 2290: The Heavy Highway Use Tax

For those of you who are involved in the trucking industry, you're probably no stranger to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, but others out there are just getting started and want to be sure they are meeting obligations. Even the veterans of the industry may not catch all the changes as they come. So I want to go over the different ways to file tax form 2290 to give everyone a basic idea of what's going on.What is It?For those of you really trying to get a glimpse of what it means to be a trucker, the Heavy Vehicle Tax is a tax that the government requires be paid by the professional men and women who use large machines to do business on our streets and highways.In theory, it is paid by anyone running a rig that weighs at least 55,000 pounds, including trailers and a typical full load.You May Be ExemptSome of you out there, however, may be exempt. For instance, commercial vehicles that travel less than 5,500 miles on an annual basis are not required to pay. And the same goes for agriculture rigs that don't travel any more than 7,500.There are also exemptions for other vehicles, including Red Cross, bloodmobiles, government vehicles, volunteer rescue services, and more. ...more

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning Ideas...investment Interest Deductions

Investment interest is deductible in computing the Regular Tax, although certain limitations apply. The Alternative Minimum Tax similarly allows this deduction, but it is subject to differences in the limitations. Understanding these differences will allow a taxpayer to plan in advance to minimize the AMT impact.Investment interest is interest...more

Crackdown On Tax Fraud Leads To Tax Return Preparers E-filing Your Tax Return

Tax return preparers will have to pay attention to an amendment added in the Senate version of the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009, which extended the First Time Homeowner Credit and unemployment benefits, because beginning in 2010, this amendment will require tax return preparers to file any individual tax return...more

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning Ideas...year-end Amt Planning Wrap-up - Part 2

The AMT items that were talked about in Part 1 of this wrap-up generally were the bigger ones that can, depending on a taxpayers situation, present immediate year-end Alternative Minimum Tax savings opportunities. But the other items that were discussed in this 10-week series also are important in making sure the least amount of AMT is paid. Here is a brief recap of these other items, with references to the articles in which each appeared. Investments: Private Activity Bonds an individual investing in tax-exempt municipal bonds can receive an unpleasant surprise when he discovers that AMT has to be paid on the interest income from a certain type of municipal bond. See the December 18th article posted on Itemized Deductions - business or investment-related expenses may be deductible under the Regular Tax, but they are not for the AMT. Several planning ideas on how to minimize this impact are presented. See the November 14th article posted on on Itemized Deductions: AMT Adjustment - when a taxpayer is in the AMT, the limitations that apply to itemized deductions are calculated differently from the limitations that...more

Heavy Vehicle Tax: Navigating The E-filing Option Excise Form 2290

Operating heavy vehicles like semi trucks is a stressful, time-consuming business endeavor. Any business is rife with things to do, but when you're in charge of running a fleet of trucks on our nation's highways and keeping everything...more

Best Tip To Avoid Tax Burden From You Hire An Accounting Firm!

If you are hunting for an accounting firm to relieve your own tax burden, selecting the right one is crucial. Handling your taxes the right way is valuable for your business or for yourself as an individual. An accounting firm can help you make sure...more

Quick Tax Preparation Services Online: Tax Preparation Made Easy!

Do you wish to prepare your tax return accurately before deadline and get fast and maximum refund possible? You need to look for the best tax preparation service online. If you explore the internet, youll come across tons of sites offering Tax...more

Buy an Authentic NFL Jersey Or a Replica One?

The Nfl football sport is the number. It is common for most people to use look-alike Nfl jerseys showing the particular loyalty of the favorite staff. What ever, these kinds of knockoff wholesale jerseys tend to be really low-cost and straightforward...more

Get Help With Tax From Experts To Save Money On Taxes

Every year as the financial year comes to a close, many tax payers in the country can opt for the tax refund help even if the income tax incurred by him is zero. If you are shocked to hear that, then let me assure you that it is absolutely a true...more

Where Should You Live To Minimize State Taxes In The Usa?

With election year in full swing, there will be a lot of talk in the coming months about taxes. Who should pay them? Should the wealthy be paying more? What about individuals, who intentionally keep their true income low to keep from paying anything...more
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