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Alternative Minimum Tax Consequences Are Not A Result Of Cost Segregation

Alternative Minimum Tax consequences are not a result of cost segregation. Nor is cost segregation accelerated depreciation. Decisions regarding cost segregation and accelerated depreciation are independent by the four options as illustrated in the following matrix:Accelerated depreciation increases the amount of depreciation taken in early years of ownership but triggers alternative minimum tax consequences. The alternative minimum tax...more

Singapore Taxes Support Economic Growth

Singapore taxes support economic growth and that is by design. Whereas some countries use taxes merely as a way to collect revenue for government operations, Singapore has chosen to use taxes as a business incentive tool. The country has been so successful at managing its use of tax funds and attracting new business that taxes did not have to be raised during the recent economic crisis. Singapore boasts a large foreign reserves fund and its economic boom is testament to its successful management of money.Many countries around the world now face enormous budget deficits leading to draconian cuts in government spending. Only recently emerging from the recession places like the European Union and the United States are dealing with a new kind of economic turmoil. Everyone has seen the riots in the streets of Greece and France. One country you did not see is Singapore, and one reason is that Singapore taxes are low and were kept low. The tax structure promoted business growth and that means Singapore did exceptionally well during the crisis and does not need to rely on austerity measures to bring its budget back in balance.The "KPMG International's 2010 Individual Income Tax and...more

Your Options For Filing Tax Form 2290: The Heavy Highway Use Tax

For those of you who are involved in the trucking industry, you're probably no stranger to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, but others out there are just getting started and want to be sure they are meeting obligations. Even the veterans of the industry may not catch all the changes as they come. So I want to go over the different ways to file tax...more

7 Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want Taxpayers to Know

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000323 EndHTML:0000009065 StartFragment:0000002872 EndFragment:0000009029 SourceURL:file://localhost/Volumes/Guiver Consulting Time Cap/Clients/Roni Deutch/Link Building/Projects/Article Directory Submissions/7 Secrets the IRS Doesnt Want Taxpayers to Know.doc 1. Automatic Extensions Although we all rush to...more

600m Australian Oil Production Tax Loophole Exposed

600m Australian Oil Production Tax Loophole Exposed There has never been a better time for residential solar power. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is considering slashing residential solar power funding to help pay for flood damage recovery, so it's best to jump in quick in case her proposal is accepted.Electricity rates are on the rise and many Australians are discovering that residential solar power can lower those rates down again. Currently the Government supports those who buy into residential solar power with rebates on purchasing and continual payments to owners for any of their excess electricity they feed back into the grid. Though the Government will continue to pay those who pump power back from their residential solar power systems, the initial rebate of a residential solar power purchase system may not last.There are a number of political activist groups apposed to this move- one of which is "GetUp!". According to them there is $600m subsidy for gas companies which should be tapped to fund flood recovery damage instead of taking the required cash out of environmentally friendly endeavours like residential solar power.According to GetUp! (GU) this...more

6 Things Tax Reform Activities Should Aim For

All over the world, people talk of tax reforms and governments outline steps that they are taking to improve there tax systems. But how can one measure what a good reform agenda should be when it comes to tax reforms? Here are five things that every...more

5 tax reliefs for Enterprise Investment Scheme

5 tax reliefs for Enterprise Investment Scheme The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) was designed by the Government to provide investors with an incentive to invest in shares in small, growing, unquoted companies. Unquoted in tax terms covers...more

5 Techniques To Help You With Taxes For Investors

For large number of investors and even some proficient tax professionals, wading through the complex rules of the IRS on investment taxes could turn out to be a nightmare.Not just talking of minor pitfalls, even simple errors on your part could...more

5 Reasons Why Tax Systems Fail

Tax systems are meant to bring as much revenue as possible while at the same ensure that business thrive and individuals are enterprising. However in many cases we see tax systems all over the world failing in their roles or even causing the collapse...more

5 Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney

Of the professionals that you can turn to for help with IRS problems, tax attorneys can most effectively help you sort through legal issues. Hiring such an expert is the quickest and easiest way to get on the right track. Here are five reasons that...more

5 NFL Teams that Just Might Upset

We've seen it in recent years in the NFL. With the advent of free agency and the salary cap, parity is all the rage in today's NFL. Over the past seven seasons, several surprise teams have come from seemingly nowhere to run through the...more
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