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Take the best distillery tours in and around Dublin

Take the best distillery tours in and around Dublin

Author: Paul Buchanan

Ireland is famous for many things and one of the most notable and tasty is its sublime blended and malt whiskies.Distilling Irish whiskey is a lengthy complicated process that cannot to be rushed if you want to produce the best. In fact the Irish are so proud of their distilling methods that they love showing the world how it’s done. So, if you are planning to visit Dublin make sure you put a trip to at least one of the many distilleries in the region on your itinerary.The best distillery to visit is the Old Jameson, where the tour costs offer an amazing insight into the whiskey maker's art. Here you will witness all the stages of distilling from mashing to bottling, and get a total appreciation of what is involved in the centuries-old distiller's art. Make no mistake, this is not just a visit, this is a condensed seminar at the end of which you will have acquired a new-found knowledge of how to tell the difference between whiskies. You will also find out all about John Jameson - the man who started it all. Tours are offered seven days a week, from 9.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. all year, including bank holidays with the exception of a few days at Christmas.The next best place to visit is the home of Bushmills, the stunning aged single malt that you will find served in all luxury hotels in Dublin. However, you will need to leave the city and head three and a half hours north to Old Jameson's sister distillery at Old Bushmills. Since 1608 this top Northern Ireland distillery has been responsible for producing not only the Bushmills single blends that carry the distillery's name, but also contributing whiskey to the marvelous Jameson brand. A trip to the distillery also provides the perfect excuse for an overnight stay at the nearby Antrim coast and a look at the Giant’s Causeway.However, if you do take the tour at Old Bushmills make sure you volunteer for the taste test at the end; the highlight of the tour. In order to demonstrate the differences between Irish and Scotch whiskies, participants sample young scotches right through to aged, single Irish malts, detailing the transition from the peaty Scotch taste to the smooth triple-distilled Irish alternative. It is a superb condensed education for the palate and for real whiskey lovers – not to be missed!About the Author:

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