Take Help From An Iraq Travel Guide Before Commencing Your Trip To Iraq

Take Help From An Iraq Travel Guide Before Commencing Your Trip To IraqIraq is situated in the Middle East and the capital is Baghdad. Any Iraq travel guide will tell you that the country gave birth to many civilizations in the past such as the Assyrians and the Babylonians. Its history is very important as well. In recent years the country has been in a long war. It has been in war with Iran, the neighbor country, with Kuwait during the Gulf war and a civil war followed. In 2003 US forces occupied the country that remains in this situation until today. Many Iraq travel guides advise against visiting the country due to this situation.
The climate is quite hot depending on the area you are coming from. Temperatures during summer can reach 40 degrees Celsius (that is above 104 F.) in most parts of the country. In middle summer it can also exceed 50 degrees and travelling is not advised during these months. However, you can travel in winter time especially if you want to visit a country that has a mild climate. Temperatures during the winter are around 16 degrees Celsius during the day and below zero during the night. You may even find an Iraq travel guide which has even recorded freezing temperatures at night. There is not much rain and the climate is ideal if you want to visit different places during the day and do something more indoor during the night like going to a restaurant. There is no rain in the summer.
Kurdistan is located at the north of the country as is the safest place to travel. The rest of the region at the north is Al Jazira. At the middle of the country the region is called Baghdad belts and is the cities around the capital of Baghdad. The south west is the Iraqi dessert and the south east is Mesopotamia. Kurdistan is an autonomous part and any Iraq travel guide will tell you that it is quite peaceful and safe now. However the country faces many problems and is currently undergoing many changes.
Passengers are required to have a visa in order to be able to visit the country. Iraq travel guides state that this is not necessary for those working for the Defense Department who only need a valid employee card. However, if you have a visa, it would be wise to carry it with you regardless of the reason you are visiting and even then, entrance might be permitted especially in Baghdad, the capital.Take Help From An Iraq Travel Guide Before Commencing Your Trip To Iraq
The official national language of the country is Arabic. At Kurdistan the official language is Kurdish and everyone uses it as they want to be autonomous. There are also many different dialects similar to Arabic spoken in many regions. Visitors that don't speak Arabic will have no problem communicating in English as almost everyone can speak English especially in the market and in hotels. However, the main problem is that speaking English is dangerous as everyone will know you are a foreigner. This makes you a target and it is something that you have to pay attention to.
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