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Sweet & Loving -- The American Bobtail Cat

Sweet & Loving -- The American Bobtail Cat

Cats are known as one of the most common house pets next to dogs

. They have been part of human lives for at least 5000 years of history; if not more and are believed to be a descendant of wild cats out of Africa at one time. The American bobtail cat is a new breed, that's still quite uncommon in North America, despite it's name.

The American bobtail cat is named after it's short tail (1 -4 inches) compared to other domesticated cats. According to cat lovers and professional breeders: The American bobtail cat is one of a very few breeds of felines that can actually be taught to walk on a leash with relative ease. This is mostly due to the fact that they have personality traits that many people tend to associate with dogs: extremely sociable, tender, obedient and quite hearty appetites.

The cat's personality makes it perfect for people who want an attentive pet, that's truly interested in what you're doing and who needs plenty of attention. However, if you're the type of person who wants an animal that keeps to itself most of the time: You many want to find a more independent cat to better suit your needs. Of course, if you want an attentive breed, but are out for many hours of the day -- get two, so they can keep each other company while you're gone.

An American bobtail cat has very dense, fluffy hair that gives it a rather wild look. Add to that: They are noticeably muscular, love to run, have a wild "Hunter's Gaze" and are quite playful. It isn't uncommon to see one popping its head around a corner, or peeking out from behind some furniture then playfully hiding itself again once you notice them. They are also known for longevity and great genetics that keep them healthy throughout their lives.

Sweet & Loving -- The American Bobtail Cat

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