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Surfing in Oahu - A Surfer's Paradise by:Jeff Schuman

Surfing in Oahu - A Surfer's Paradise by:Jeff Schuman

Surf's up in Oahu

. Long recognized as having some of the best surfing available are the waves on Oahu. Here's some helpful information regarding surfing in Oahu.

The best time to surf in Oahu is during the winter months from November through March. This is when huge waves come into the north and west coastlines. Storms in the north Pacific are most active over this time and create huge waves.

This makes the North shore of Oahu one of the best locations for surfers from around the world looking for the big wave.

The North shore of Oahu is also where some of the largest and best known surfing competitions are held. In many cases the big waves you see surfers conquering are located at Oahu.

For those people who surf over the summer, they typically head to the south and east locations due to the impact which South Pacific storms have there.

But the best surfing beaches are in the northern part of the island. One the best surfing beaches as rated by many enthusiastic surfers is the Banzai Pipeline. It can be reached by car or bus from Waikiki Beach.

During the winter, you'll find huge waves rolling in endlessly. The coral shelf and relatively shallow ocean water help to create those famous tubular shapes. These waves look similar to pipes which is how the beach got its name.

And keep in mind that during the summer, this same beach has much calmer water which is great for swimming or simply enjoying the sun and sand.

For those who wish to surf along the south shore, check out Ala Moana. This is a 76 acre park which is located west of Waikiki beach. Not only is surfing popular, but visitors enjoy swimming and body boarding as well.

There are great picnicking spots available and restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and food is available here. It is also a great spot for families to enjoy the beach and then visit nearby Oahu landmarks like the Sea Life Park and Bishop Museum.

The surfing at Ala Moana tends to be frequented by locals who are expert surfers and can navigate the bowls there. Other famous south shore surfing beaches are located near Ala Moana and include Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. The waves here can reach four to six feet in height and this area is known for its raw natural beauty.

This is some useful information and tips on surfing in Hawaii. Surfing in Oahu truly is a surfer's paradise and an experience not to be missed.

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